Kindle App for iPad Gets an Update

The latest update for the Kindle App for iPad has a few new awesome features. I previously wrote about the Kindle app here.

This App just keeps getting better and better. (For new readers: You do NOT need to own a Kindle to use the Kindle App on your iPad or iPhone. You can read books, get samples, and enjoy Kindle-goodness without owning a Kindle.)

Among the new features in this latest update:

* Adjustable margins for the iPad

It is always a good thing when given options for our reading experience. Some folks might prefer wider margins with large fonts while others may prefer lots of text on the page with minimal margins. Every new option to tweak is greatly appreciated.

* Improved Brightness Control

Some adjustments to this control have made the slider more responsive and the fonts clearer.

* Rapid Highlights

In my opinion this is the most awesome update. To highlight, just run your finger over the selected passage. Poof! Text highlighted!

Text before highlighting:

Just run your finger across the text to highlight:

Touch the highlighted text and a menu will pop up allowing you to Save it, Share it or Delete it:


The Kindle App is FREE in the iTunes store.


4 thoughts on “Kindle App for iPad Gets an Update

    • Even though I have both, I use the Kindle App for reading on the iPad … a LOT. It’s very good and it syncs beautifully with my iPhone and Kindle. Thanks so much for your kind words…. much appreciated!! 🙂

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