How to Store PDFs on Your iPad: aka End the Clutter of Too Many Manuals

I have a drawer that I dedicate to appliance manuals. I’m afraid it’s so full that there are instruction books for appliances that have long since been discarded. (Note to self: you really do need to clean out that drawer.)

Today most manuals for any appliance exist as PDF files on their company’s website.

These manuals and ANY PDF files can easily be saved on your iPad in iBooks. This is a convenient way to store them, to sort them and to read them. (Although I am using instruction manuals as my example for this blog post, keep in mind that these directions are good for ALL PDF files.)

Using your browser on your iPad, navigate your way to the company of your choice, and look for your appliance, and its manual. Chances are it will be a PDF file. Touch to download and open it on your iPad.

For this example, I found my way to Cuisinart, and opened the manual for their ice cream maker. Here is how it appears on my browser:

I can easily leaf through it, but I don’t want to have to go back and retrieve it every time I want to refer to it, SO … here is where the magic kicks in.

Touch the screen. Anyplace. Just touch it.

Now look at the top. You’ll see a new bar has appeared, and on this bar there is a new option: Save to iBooks. Touch “Save to iBooks”

When you open iBooks, just look at the upper left corner, and tap on “Collections”. Choose PDFs.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it.

Whenever you want to refer to a manual, your PDF will be happily waiting for you on the shelf.

And when you no longer have the appliance, you simply delete the file.

I’m looking forward to reclaiming that drawer.


6 thoughts on “How to Store PDFs on Your iPad: aka End the Clutter of Too Many Manuals

  1. You can also use Goodreader (which is my PDF reader of choice) which I like because you can annotate the PDF and also put in bookmarks to certain sections. Very useful when reading quite long documents.

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