QR codes in Cemeteries: An Update

QR codes are cropping up everywhere, and we discussed them previously here and here.

These codes, when scanned to your iPhone using an app such as NeoReader, will take you to a website or a video or a photo or other information. The last time I posted about these QR codes, I mentioned that they were being creatively used in many ways with a special interest given to their possible use in cemeteries.

Well, it’s time for an update, because….

A cemetery in Roskilde, Denmark is now pioneering the use of QR codes. A piece of porcelain displays the code, and this is attached to a stone marker at the gravesite. A quick scan with a smartphone will take the visitor to an on-line memorial, a website with photos and/or music with information about the life of the deceased.

photo credit: BBC

This service costs about $123 and includes putting audio clips and video on the website, as well as text.

And, yes, people are doing it. You can read more about it, here.

photo credit: BBC

Now I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think this is a wonderful idea. Another passion of mine (in addition to tech) is genealogy, and I have spent considerable a ba-zillion hours wandering through old cemeteries. What a thrilling treasure to be able to actually learn more about the deceased and what their life was like, rather than just stare at the simple dash that marks the life between two dates. Another town in Denmark is planning to use the service to mark the graves of local historical figures, giving visitors information about their lives and contributions to the development of the town. Somehow, when you think of it that way (used to memorialize historical figures) it makes such clear sense, even if you might be a little creeped out by doing this for the recently deceased.

15 thoughts on “QR codes in Cemeteries: An Update

  1. How cool is that? You know, you can add QR codes to your greeting cards as well to make them interactive! I’ve been doing it for a long time. It makes receiving a birthday card from a friend faraway so much more special! If you want to know more, let me know! It’s inexpensive and fun!

  2. Alice says:

    Well, that is cool! I wonder a bit how long it will last…with the ever-changing technology, will it become obsolete before it really gets going? Still it is wonderful.

  3. This is fabulous. A few month ago we did a night tour of the Braamfontein Cemetry. Sounds more creepy than it was – it was actually a fascinating experience. Fortunately we had a guide who could tell us all the interesting things about some of the different graves – so rich in history about our city. With something like this one could go back at any time and get more detailed information.

    • I, too, enjoy visiting old cemeteries. One of my favorite walking paths is in one. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could learn more about the lives of those who are marked with a crumbling headstone. Darn! I wish they had this technology, then! 🙂

  4. You wrote: “What a thrilling treasure to be able to actually learn more about the deceased and what their life was like, rather than just stare at the simple dash that marks the life between two dates. ”

    I could not agree more! The stories collected together in graveyards are my favorite part. I wish there was an easier way to learn more about them.

    Maybe columbariums could include QRs, too?

    • Isn’t it true? You can’t help but wonder as you wander in a cemetery. I’ve gotten to ‘know’ the folks I see when I do my regular walk, but how cool if I could get to ‘know’ them better! 🙂 Thanks so much for the visit and taking the time to comment! Much appreciated!

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