Turn in Your Coins = Get Apps (and other Stuff)

photo credit: Kevin via photo pin cc

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, at some point you have to feed iTunes in order to buy the apps that make these devices so much fun.

Did you know that you can exchange your change for an iTunes certificate?

If you have visited a grocery store in the US, you’ve probably noticed those big green Coinstar machines.

They advertise that you can turn your coins into cash … for a fee.

Well, I’m not going to pay a fee to turn my coins into cash! So for a long while, I totally ignored those machines.

However, a while ago I learned that there is another choice. You can turn in your coins and select the option to get an “e-gift certificate” instead. And if you make that selection, there is no fee at all.

Every Coinstar machine seems to list a different set of participating stores, including department stores like Penny’s and Sears, grocery stores, hardware stores and internet companies like Amazon and iTunes.

My local machine offers iTunes (hurray!) and I’ve dumped change in there periodically. Out pops a receipt that kind of looks like a cash register receipt, and on it is a total $ of the coins you turned in, and a redemption code. Simply go to iTunes, and type in the code… and POOF! you have just exchanged your change for iTunes credit.

One caution: I wouldn’t dump a TON of change in at once, just in case the machine isn’t working properly. You want to protect yourself from a fail. But I have only ever had just one issue, so in my experience, it has been quite successful.

You can learn more about this directly from the Coinstar website, with a list of all participating stores, here.


12 thoughts on “Turn in Your Coins = Get Apps (and other Stuff)

  1. This is just the most amazing idea! I always have tins full of coins, especially the 5c coppers – we go up to a R5 coin here. I wouldn’t even mind if they had something similar that would send a food voucher to a charity, instead of it laying around here. I love it.

    • I agree …. it’s a good idea! I’ll be there are lots of creative ways it could be used. You don’t have machines like these in Johannesburg? I’m sure someone will start that business, soon!

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