Traveling? Wi-Fi Finder Will Keep You Connected

Wi-Fi Finder is a great name for this app, because, uh, that’s just what it does… it finds Wi-Fi.

We all know that you can go to a Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, McDonald’s or a Panera for free Wi-Fi. But often there are many other choices as well, and we just don’t know it. This is especially true if we are traveling or find ourselves in an unfamiliar location.

The app is simple. Just open it, let it learn your location, and you’ll see all the points of Wi-Fi on a map. Your location is also marked, a wonderful help if you are standing in the center of a city wondering which way to go.

Zoom in, tap on the little green (for free) or blue (for pay) markers and the app will tell you the name of the business supplying the Wi-Fi.

You also have options to sort for carriers, or free vs pay Wi-Fi, or both.

You can choose to view the Wi-Fi spots in either list or map view.

You can search (almost) anywhere in the world.

I have downloaded this app and used it locally. Although I haven’t used it on a trip (yet), I can report that the local results were extremely accurate.

Wi-Fi Finder is Free BUT it is loaded with ads.


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