How To Make Folders on Your iPhone and/or iPad: (part of the) Very Beginner Series

*Occasional posts will contain how-tos and/or hints for VERY new users of iPads, iPhones or Kindles. All new users welcome! Non-tech speak, not terribly detailed, just basic device-enhancing goodness. All part of this Very Beginner Series. Please share with any beginners (Mom? Dad? Grandma?) in your life.*

If you are new to the iPhone or the iPad, you are probably still getting acquainted with your device, tapping an app here, moving an app over there.

Everything might look easy to organize, now, but (trust me, here) soon you will have so many apps, you’ll be wondering how to organize them.

Fortunately you can group your apps into folders. This is a big organizational help, and here is how you do it:

Just touch and hold an icon until it starts to jiggle.

Then drag it onto another icon … poof! You just made a folder.

You’ll notice that the folder is automatically named, but you can rename it.

You can continue adding icons to the folder, and make other folders.

You can also move the folders around just as you do the icons.

When you are finished making folders, just tap on the home button to stop your icons from jiggling.

To access an app in a folder, just tap the folder, then tap the app of your choice.

15 thoughts on “How To Make Folders on Your iPhone and/or iPad: (part of the) Very Beginner Series

  1. I’ve set up a number of folders in the way you describe, but am having difficulty moving apps and folder com one screen to another. They only want to move within the same screen. Any advice? I have the folder on one screen, but the app on another!

    • It’s tricky ….. you kind of have to develop “the touch”. Once you have your apps and/or folder jiggling, just put your finger on it to pull to the other screen. KEEP your finger on the app as you get to the edge of the screen. Don’t let go! Hold it up against the edge and keep going further and further against the edge … and suddenly, poof! you will be on the next screen page. 🙂

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