Today’s Tech is Watching Us, And Catching Tornados on Film

photo credit: CBS_Fan via photo pin cc

I’m not too crazy about all these security cameras everywhere. They have become so common, that I wonder if there is any “spot” in a populated area that isn’t being filmed at any moment? It’s a little creepy in a way, but I guess it’s also a part of life in 2012.

However, on the upside, there is a bonus to these cameras.

Since they are on ALL the time, they capture things that otherwise can’t be seen.

Over the last few years, there have been numerous tornados caught on surveillance cameras, and the results are astounding. Before these cameras were so commonplace, it was unlikely that a human could witness the power of the storm as it worked its destruction.

Here are a few amazing security camera catches:

The video below was taken in Parkersburg, Iowa, 2008.
It’s a peaceful Sunday morning in the bank. Several cameras throughout the bank are running.
And then the storm hits….

The video below was taken in Henryville, Indiana, 2012
A news report will narrate the films that the security cameras in a school caught as a tornado blew through.
Hang on to the very end of this video to watch an entire gym area simply wiped away.

The video below was taken in Alabama, 2008
This surveillance camera catches cars tossed in the air.


6 thoughts on “Today’s Tech is Watching Us, And Catching Tornados on Film

  1. What a fascinating post. How amazing that we see this stuff on security cameras, -one doesn’t think of them catching such graphic and historic events, rather than bodies hurrying in and out of doors

    • I agree. Amazing, isn’t it? I think that video in the bank really shows how horrible such a weather event can be. You can really understand how important it is to “take cover” during a tornado warning.

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