PhotoToaster: An Awesome Tool to Edit Your Photos

PhotoToaster is EASY and AWESOME. Those two words (combined) mean everything. What good is “easy” if the results are yuchy? And what good is “awesome” if it’s too time-consuming or difficult to do? But “easy” AND “awesome”? Together? Now we’re cooking.

There are quite a few very good photo-editing apps available and PhotoToaster is among the best of them. There are 60 one-click effects. I ran a photo of some flamingos through a number of the effects, so that you could see them, here.

This is the original photo and I marked the lower left hand corner with arrows. These arrows point to the dial that you turn to get strips of thumbnail effects, lined up across the bottom. The first is “as shot”, and that is what I have selected, here.

As you twist the dial in the app, new effect strips appear across the bottom. These strips can be swiped left for even more effects. As you work, just tap any thumbnail on the bottom and the full size photo (with the effect applied) is enlarged for you to see.

In addition to all these single tap effects, there are many other opportunities to tweak. You can crop, rotate, straighten and use lighting brushes and more.

From within the app, you are also given the opportunity to look back at recent edits, to access your photo library, to access the camera, and to paste the photo to the clipboard. You are also offered a link to a video tutorial, and a “tips” button that teaches you about the controls.

But the real glory, in my opinion, is the ability to transform your photo into something quite special with just ONE tap. Ah, easy AND awesome! (and quick, too).

OH, and did I mention….. Fun!

PhotoToaster is designed for the iPhone and the iPad for a single price of $1.99.


9 thoughts on “PhotoToaster: An Awesome Tool to Edit Your Photos

      • Freebies are good πŸ˜€

        I don’t know if you use the App: AppsGoneFree everyday it gives away some really good and sometimes expensive stuff. I was able to get Snapper and HDR FX Pro fro free the other day

        • I do sift through all those sources. I need more self-control, tho. I’m ALWAYS grabbing new apps, especially if they are free or on sale. (good thing I was never a smoker. No will power at all!)

          • What did it for me was a relapse. About eight months in I had a couple of cigarettes and they really hurt and ripped my chest apart. Every time I think of a cigarette now, it brings a bit of pain so I’ll never be able to smoke again which is good,

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