Cheeky Siri

I am American, but I watch a lot of British television.

Sometimes British words are just better … more descriptive … than those we “American-English” speakers have available.

And so was the case yesterday afternoon.

Siri and I are just getting acquainted. I’ve updated my iPad to iOS6, and she was included. I spent the afternoon with her the other day and she gladly told me the weather, updated some sports scores, suggested a few restaurants and let me know how many days there were until Christmas.

So I thought we had a pretty good start with our relationship.

Until this exchange:

I set my iPad on a stand on the kitchen counter. I was planning on calling out the names of some songs for her to play on the iPad while I did my chores.

But first, polite as I am, I said “Good Morning, Siri!”

(ok, I’ll digress, here. I do admit it is a whole other story we could do about actually talking to (greeting) your Apple device. Yes, I do realize I could have skipped the “good morning” part. πŸ™‚ But we’ll let it go for now.)

So back to the kitchen:

Me: “Good Morning, Siri.”

Siri: (in her Siri voice): “Hello. (pause) And by the way, it is 12:06

WHOA! She was letting ME know (in her Siri voice) that 12:06 is technically no longer ‘morning’!


That’s the only word for it.

Cheeky Siri


google “funny siri” for other insights into her “personality” πŸ™‚

Here is a link to get you started:


Even quicker … google “funny siri” in GOOGLE IMAGES


22 thoughts on “Cheeky Siri

    • You can never sound dopey! You can update through iTunes or over-the-air. I did it through iTunes (I think I told you that I am still syncing that way most of the time). To do it over-the-air, you can follow the instructions on this link. My understanding is that it takes a while … and “beware” there are sometimes glitches. iPad 2 and 3 are updatable, but all features will not appear on the 2 (no Siri, for example).

  1. I feel so much better now. The next time someone calls me crazy for standing on the kitchen counter and fighting off aliens with a bread knife, I will tell them that there is an American lady who stands and talks to her iPad πŸ™‚ I loved this – made me smile!

    • Thank you for that link! I have to say …… I like your Siri, better. I can choose “English UK” and I get a guy. Not sure if it’s this guy. I just might switch! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

    • Americans don’t really use cheeky. Not really. Sometimes. As I did … but it’s not used in general conversation (usually). I know what you mean about the Nav voice. Just try to take a turn other than the one that she suggested! Yikes. πŸ™‚

  2. I can totally see this as a podcast. Maybe Siri can dole out advice to reader submitted questions. πŸ™‚ For all I know a podcast about talking to Siri probably exists already. Funny post!

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