Tech Trivia: Most Watched YouTube Videos Ever

What are the most watched YouTube Videos ever?

As of September 2012, Justin Bieber is holding the top spot, with “Baby”. His video presently has 782,065,258 views. That’s 782 MILLION. Yikes!

He is followed by Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” and various other music videos.

But what about the most-watched NON-music video?

With over 483 MILLION views, it’s “Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!”


22 thoughts on “Tech Trivia: Most Watched YouTube Videos Ever

  1. I don’t watch many videos unless it is a movie or a friend just happens to email me one. I know I haven’t watched a Jennifer Lopez video and I have heard of Justin Bieber but don’t know what his fame is. Probably some music star. lol But probably not my kind of music.

    There are a few of us out there who just sort of float around in our own little space. 🙂

    • I think there are quite a few of us floating around who haven’t watched a Justin Bieber or Jennifer Lopez video. 🙂 (now, ask me about Barbra Streisand, and I’ll give a different answer….. 🙂 🙂 )

  2. Children and babies always say and do the funniest/cutest things. And the latest heart throb always draws the biggest crowds, Some things never change. My mom got to meet Frank Sinatra when he first became a famous young adult singer and she says (dad says “no”) She fainted! 🙂

    • “Old Blue Eyes”, right? My generation was weak-kneed and sobbing over the Beatles. You are SO right. The “latest heart throb” draws the biggest crowds ….. and today that translates into YouTube hits. 🙂

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