My First 24 Hours with the iPhone 5 w iOS6

My impressions, (phone and iOS6) no particular order:

Good: I love the way it looks and feels. It is longer and slimmer than the iPhone 4 and significantly lighter. There have been complaints that it is so light it feels “flimsy”, but I don’t agree with that. I think it feels just fine. Better than fine. I like it a lot.

Good: Because of it’s longer shape, you now have 5 rows of icons. For an app collector junkie like me, this is great news. At this moment, I can actually fit all my “first screen” choices on the first screen. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good: It is definitely faster. Always a good thing.

Bad: I think the battery might be an issue. I don’t believe my iPhone 4 dropped as fast as this battery drops during the day. It’s still plenty of power, but the percentage at 5 o’clock, for example, seems far less than it was at the same time of day with my previous phone. However, I used the phone quite a bit this day. Several long phone calls, a number of podcasts and considerable time getting to know Siri. So I really can’t submit an educated opinion about this, yet. Just an observation.

Good: “Do Not Disturb” is awesome

Bad: Maps, oh, my. I used Apple’s new Map app for the first time today. It did not go well. A street that I had to go down was blocked. I went to the next closest parallel street and pulled out the map app. Following my little blue dot, I expected to find a way to circle back. Sadly, on this suburban but tree-lined road, the map gave me TWO large errors. First it told me that a road was coming up shortly that would take me back, but when I got to that point, there was no road at all. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ A bit further down the road, the map promised a second road that would take me back. When I arrived at that point, this “road” was just a private dead end. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Ouch. Two fails in one short experience. Such a shame. This is an iOS6 issue, so if you update your older device, you will also have to work through the changing maps.

Good: Siri. Altho she is not new to the iPhone, she is new to me, and I think that in spite of our difficulties the other day, I believe we will get along just fine.

Good: Dictating messages. Again, new to me. But this is such an awesome feature, I’m planning to dedicate a post about it, soon.

I don’t care: that YouTube is gone. I found an amazing substitute. Again … I’ll blog about that shortly.

another I don’t care: They moved the earphone jack down to bottom of the phone (it had been on the top). I think this might take a bit of re-organizing on my part, but nothing I can’t handle. If you are among the people who drop their phones in their pockets upside down, this will be an improvement for you.

Good: Reply with a message to a phone call. This will be handy … and it will also be a blog post in the near future.

Good for me, Bad for others: There is a new connector to attach your phone to power and/or sync. It is smaller but to me the real thrill is that you can attach it to your iPhone with no worry about orientation. I remember way back in my iPod days of being warned to be very careful putting the connector in properly with the correct side up. An “Apple genius” told me that this was a major source of un-fixable damage. So I have always been oh-so-careful about connecting that cord to all my Apple devices. With the new connector…. no more worries. You can’t do it wrong. So I’m delighted.
However, if you have docking devices, they will not work with this new connector. I have none, so I’m not bothered by the change. But for people with docking alarm clocks, speakers, etc, this new connector means that all that equipment is useless.


9 thoughts on “My First 24 Hours with the iPhone 5 w iOS6

  1. I enjoy reading your posts b/c you always give accurate, easy to understand and fun tech info! I am excited to hear more about the iphone5 and your experience with it. I am a blackberry gal who was thinking of changing in Dec to iphone5.

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