Weekend Distraction: RoboSockets: Link Me Up

I am not a great stick-to-it kind of game player. I enjoy them, but I can’t usually “stay” with a game for more than a few minutes. I jump around from app to app.

And then I met these cute little robots. This is one of only a short list of games that I have actually played all the way through to the end. No thinking required, just mindless fun.

The robots drop down from above. One, then another, then another and another.

Here’s what sets this apart from other matching games: Each of these little fellows has some hands. You will be happy to see the four-handed robot drop from the top, but you won’t be as pleased when you see the one-handed guy come floating down.

And this is because your job is to LINK them. Hand to hand. If a robot has a hand on the left, hopefully you will soon get a robot with a hand on the right so that they can connect, hand to hand.

When you connect 5 robots, they “POP!” and disappear off the screen. You’ll be delighted with the “pop”, because you need the room as they keep raining down. Clearing these robots also fills your “energy bar”.

You’ll continue to strive to pop chains of robots because if you don’t, they keep building toward the top and ….. uh, oh. End of Level.

Occasionally objects other than robots drop down. Sometimes you’ll see a drill drop down and with that you can clear an entire line of robots. Other times you might get a mystery box. Inside will be a robot, but since he is hidden from view, you won’t know how many hands he has, and his placement will be pure luck. When the box disappears, you’ll shout out a “yay” or an “oh, no!” as you see the robot that has entered your mix.

This game is fun and completely addictive. Kind of a “match three” plus “tetris” combo.

RoboSockets is 99¢ in the iTunes store.
(There is also a free version available with the first few levels free to try.)


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