One Feature at a Time: How To Dictate Your Text Messages in iOS6

I often use text messaging. Sometimes a quick something, while other times it might be a whole text conversation.

Have you seen some people text with their thumbs? They can be incredibly speedy, and apparently accurate, too. That’s certainly not me! I’m neither speedy nor accurate.

(When those auto-corrects pop up it slows things down even more. I previously explained how to turn those off, here.)

iOS6 gives us a new way to text. Text Dictation. Yay!

Granted, you wouldn’t use this in many situations where others are nearby, but if you find yourself alone, and need to text a message, this is quick, easy and surprisingly accurate.

Here is how to dictate your text message:

Just open up your Messages, and tap in the box where you would ordinarily type. The keyboard pops up, and notice that there is now a microphone on the keyboard.

Tap on the microphone, and dictate your message. Speak clearly and speak the punctuation (period, comma, question mark).

When you’re done, tap the microphone, again.

Wait just a fraction of a second, and up pops your message. Tap “send” and away it goes.

You can also text through Siri, but remember, we are only doing “One Feature At A Time”, so that will wait for another blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “One Feature at a Time: How To Dictate Your Text Messages in iOS6

  1. Daniela says:

    One day when I evolve to such heights of technology I would love to try this as I dislike typing and txt language!
    Thank you for making it so clear and using such awesome pictures!

    • The dictation on the iPhone and iPad is incredibly accurate. Rarely errs. I am using it more and more for all kinds of things. (It isn’t restricted to only text messaging, that was all I chose to post about today, but the dictation is available for almost everything, and it is awesome.) Thank you, Daniela, for your kind words! ๐Ÿ™‚

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