One Feature at a Time: How to Add VIP Contacts to your iOS6 Email

photo credit: zizzybaloobah via photopin cc

There are those people who are forward thinking and organized.

They are the people who cleverly have several email addresses so that business, family and friends, and a ba-zillion company email contacts don’t all come barreling into their inboxes in overwhelming waves of clutter.

These people had the forethought to carefully separate these contacts from the get-go.

I am not one of those people.

I foolishly let my mailbox accept anything that came it’s way.

That’s why I am so happy that iOS6 has this new VIP feature.

By assigning your friends or family or special business contacts VIP status, any email that you receive from them will appear in a special VIP folder without having to scroll through your entire inbox.

Here is how you set up the VIP inbox in iOS6:

Go to your Mailbox by clicking on your blue Mail (envelope) icon.

You may have Mail set up for one or several email accounts. You’ll see them listed, and because you have iOS6, you will ALSO now see a choice marked VIP.

Touch the VIP bar and you will be brought to this screen, where you will tap to add contacts to this VIP list.

When you tap the ‘add’ button, you will be brought straight to your contacts where you can select your choices, one by one.

Once you have selected an individual, his/her emails will now appear in the VIP folder, where you can view them without having to sort through all the rest of your email.

If, at a later time, you want to add a person to the VIP list, you can do it like this:

When you open an email from a person you would like to add, just tap on his/her name. A window will appear with an opportunity to “add VIP”. Select “add VIP” and this name is now on your VIP list.

An extra great feature is this:
If you like to hear a noise when you get an email, you can set a SPECIAL notification noise for your VIP mail. So you can ignore emails as they arrive from mailing lists or your creepy old uncle Melvin, but if your loved one sends an email you will be alerted at once.

Just go to your Settings > Notifications > Mail and you will see this:

Tap on VIP and set your “New Mail Sound”

You are now all set. Notice, also, that in your regular long list mail view, your VIP contacts will appear with a Star.


19 thoughts on “One Feature at a Time: How to Add VIP Contacts to your iOS6 Email

  1. elizabeth says:

    Again, this is not working properly on my iPhone3g. I have the VIP button but when I click on it and go to contacts none of the contacts are clickable except my own.

    Me thinks I need to get myself either an iPhone4 or 4s. (They haven’t made an unlocked iPhone5 yet.)

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