Smithsonian Channel: FREE Videos for your iPad and iPhone

I love wandering the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC. I could do that for days on end.

Next best thing?

The Smithsonian Channel on my iPad.

They have FULL episodes of their programming and hundreds of clips of Smithsonian programs.

They are simply beautiful and look spectacular on the iPad.

and did I mention? …. FREE

When you launch the app, you will have the opportunity to select your videos or look at a listing of programs appearing on the Smithsonian television channel.

This thumbnail screen is your portal to choose either a full program or a shorter clip to watch. You simply swipe the row to the right or left and see more, more and more videos to choose from. It’s hard to demonstrate this with a single still photo, so just imagine how each of these rows moves left or right to show you many more possibilities.

I’ve had this sitting on my iPad for quite a while, but somehow I’ve been neglecting it. Recently I ‘rediscovered’ this beautiful App, and as I am enjoying the awesome programming, I can’t help but wonder why I ever stayed away for so long.

Smithsonian Channel is FREE in the iTunes store.


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