Using “Trade In” at Amazon to Sell Your Old iPhone (and other stuff)

I recently upgraded our iPhones to the iPhone 5. That meant we had two iPhone 4’s in this household that were no longer needed.

There are many choices for selling your used phone on the internet. You can sell directly to an individual using sites like eBay or Craig’s List. OR You can use a “buy back” program and sell your device directly to a company who offers you a set amount for your phone.

I took the easy road and elected to use “trade in” programs for our two phones.

I’m quite conservative when I do anything financial on the internet, so I wanted to stick with well-known, tried and true, solid companies.

This means I turned to Amazon and to Gazelle. (I know there are others, but like I said, I am a very cautious internet-user.)

After looking at the offers from both companies, I decided to sell one of our phones to EACH company. One to Amazon and one to Gazelle. There are reasons for this that I shall explain. And it will be fun to see how they match up in two posts on this blog.

This post will follow the AMAZON experience. In a later post I will outline the GAZELLE experience.

Amazon’s Trade In Program

If you are not familiar with Amazon’s trade in program, let me digress a few moments, here, to sing it’s praises.

You can trade in movies, cds, books, textbooks, video games and electronics. Sometimes the offer is so low it’s not worth any effort to send it. Other times you will be surprised at a great price, and quickly act to get your goods to them. Still other times you may find your item is not one that is accepted as a trade in, at all.

It is quick. It is easy. And it costs you NOTHING. They pay the postage.

If you have something you would like to trade in, the first step is to see if Amazon will take it for a trade.

Just navigate to your item. For the sake of this demonstration, I’m looking to see if they would buy my dvd of HUGO. I went to the HUGO product page on Amazon, and looked over on the right hand side. If they will do a trade-in, there will be a box labeled “Sell Us Your Item” with a button to push if you’d like to do it. We can see here, that Amazon says their best offer is $9.70.

Your next step is to click on the trade in button to see exactly what the offers are. Usually there is an offer for “new” “like new” and “good”. You can see that for my “like new” Hugo disc set, they will give me $6.14.

If you agree, just follow the links. You’ll be given an opportunity to add more items, but it is fine to send in just one. Your final page will be a shipping label to print out. All you have to do it attach it to your package and drop it off at a UPS dropping-off point.

When Amazon receives your item, and they agree with your condition appraisal, they will deposit your money directly into your Amazon account.

During the trade in process you are given the opportunity to request that if Amazon does not agree with your assessment of your trade-in, they will send it back to you (also at their expense). I always click that button.

And so ……. back to the iPhone.

I sold back my iPhone to Amazon, using the same method as above. I had the original box, the original cords and unused earphones along with the inserts, so I thought I might be able to qualify for the best price that Amazon would offer.

And I did!

I received $205 for my used iPhone 4. My new iPhone 5 cost $299. So… doing the math, my new iPhone cost me just $94. I’m happy.

Our other phone did not have all the original accessories, and so I chose to use Gazelle for its trade-in adventure. I’ll blog about that experience in a few days……

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