iPad Mini Will Be Announced Soon? Best Guess is Tuesday, October 23

photo credit: methodshop.com via photopin cc

The speculation has been buzzing for months that Apple would be adding a mini iPad to its product line. I wrote a blog post about it in July, so these rumors have been around for a long time.

But now a bevy of reliable sources are reporting that the Mini iPad will finally be announced on October 23. This is still a rumor since the event has not yet been announced, but most of the tech blogs have embraced that date as Announcement Day. Just in time for the holiday season (what a surprise 🙂 ).

Best guesses are that it will be a fraction larger than 7 inches and receive some design upgrades to make it more than just a scaled down iPad.

Price points are also only guesses, but these guesses continue to hover in the $2?? range.

A smaller iPad has quite a few advantages. It will be lighter than the standard size, it will definitely be cheaper than a regular iPad and of course it will be significantly more portable. I love my full sized iPad, but it is too large to just toss in my purse and go.

On the down side, it probably will not have as much memory, and of course you have a smaller screen.

I am aware of one family who has been waiting for the iPad mini for their 85 year old mother. She is always playing Mahjong on her daughter-in-law’s iPad, and so the family has decided to get her one of her own. The iPad Mini will suit them perfectly, because the apps that they have already purchased for their standard size iPad will all be downloadable and useable on the new Mini. She’ll be able to play the games she loves, keep in touch with her family through email on the Mini, catch up on some reading with LARGE fonts, and watch some videos. Finding herself more homebound, the Mini will be perfect for her to receive and view family photos and feel less isolated.

So that’s one Mini sold, and I think that scenario with some variations will be repeated often. I think it is important for Apple to have a mini in their lineup, and I do believe this will be a huge seller.

But the devices just keep on coming! Later that same week, Microsoft and Samsung are both releasing products of their own.

They all seem to be racing to some kind of finish line. And I wonder about that. How many devices can the “finish line” support? Only Time will tell.


5 thoughts on “iPad Mini Will Be Announced Soon? Best Guess is Tuesday, October 23

  1. Thanks for the info. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this. I would think for myself, one of these alongside the new Paperwhite Kindle, would be everything I’d need for portable reading and communication. I’ve always liked the iPad, but felt the size was awkward for carrying “along.” And at the house, I have my all-in-one touchscreen computer, so no real need for the iPad there. This could be just what I’ve been wishing for, though I doubt Santa will bring me both this year. Well…there’s always my birthday in March. :

    • You’re right, Marcia, the regular iPad is too big to carry around easily. Although I always take it with me when I travel on airplanes, etc, for everyday use it isn’t that portable. I love it, and use it all the time ….. at home. The few times I have thrown it in my purse have only been when I REALLY needed to, because it makes my purse too too heavy. Start composing that letter: Dear, DEAR Santa ….. 🙂

  2. I’ve played around with the Samsung Tab 7 inch and the size is really lovely as it easily fits in your hand and handbag so I think it is nice that Apple is also bringing out a midsize device.

    • That smaller size is awfully nice. Altho I enjoy my iPad so much at home, it is just a bit too big to accompany me regularly. The 7 inch size is so much better suited for that! 🙂

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