Sexting and …….. Cows (actually, that should read: Sexting FROM Cows)

photo credit: publicenergy via photopin cc

According to Wikipedia:

“Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones.”

In Switzerland, some serious sexting is going on.

Cows are sending these “come hither” text messages to their farmers.

Yes, you read that right.

The farmers are getting text messages from their cows.

Apparently, it’s not that easy to tell when a cow is in heat. Several professors at a college in Bern have developed a special device to help the farmers know when the time is right. This device is implanted in the cow and can detect subtle changes that signify when the cow goes into reproductive mode. And when the critical time occurs…… the farmer receives a text message that Bessie (or whoever) is in heat. Success rate is about 90%.

The device is still in its testing stage, but it is expected to be on the market as early as next year.

If you are interested in exactly why it is important for a farmer to determine if a cow is in an amorous mood, you can learn all about it, here.

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  1. Dirty cow LOL

  2. I just heard about this as well…love that you shared it! Thanks for the giggle! :)

  3. This is hysterical. ;-)

  4. the things one learns!

  5. Renee Spindle

     /  October 14, 2012

    Ha-who knew?

  6. Ooooh, I risque little post :) I have to say, just when I thought I’d heard it all, they come up with a moo-making device.

  7. barb19

     /  October 14, 2012

    Funny for us, but serious business for the farmers!
    Thanks for the laugh – I must re-blog this one.

    • You’re right … as funny as it sounds to us, I’m sure this is very serious for the farmers! Thanks so much for the re-blog! Honored, I am! :)

  8. barb19

     /  October 14, 2012

    Reblogged this on Passionate About Pets and commented:
    Sexting from . . . . Cows

  9. MOoooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  10. So interesting! Cows sexting…what will be next? Moo….Moo! LOL! :)

  11. My Dad would have got a kick out of this report!

  12. Hey!! I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger award… Please check this link for further details!!

    • Thank you so much!!! I am honored. Since I have received this Award before, I’m going to put your name/blog as a permanent link next to this Award on my Award page. Thank you very much. I do appreciate it! :)

  13. Hahahaha…love that picture!!! Totally hilarious!

    • Oh, thank you for enjoying my picture choice. I thought it “suited” the topic, well. :) And thanks so much for the visit and taking the time to leave a comment!! :)

  14. Quite funny indeed! What next?

  15. Oh, I can see it all now:

    Farmer Jones checks his messages:

    “Hey, u in overalls and hat. I’z feel pretty gud heer. See big boy in next pastcher? Hubba hubba. Send over quik! Moove it, moove it.

    P. S. Eat more chikin!.

  16. You can run, but you can’t hide with this electronic ankle bracelet – things are heating up.

    • Oh, my goodness! Another monitor to check on cows. It must be terribly important! This looks less intrusive than the kind I mentioned in the blog post. I think if I was a cow, I’d go with your ankle bracelet. :)

  17. What will they think of next? This is already a bit OTT and TMI..

  18. Brilliant eventhough I won’t be getting the app !!

  19. hahaha This is the perfect app for our area. We have more cows in our county than people! What a great article. – and title!

  20. Funny and fascinating! It does make sense though. :)

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