How to Create a Custom Signature for EACH Email Acct: iOS6

photo credit: Hammer51012 via photopin cc

There are so many new features in iOS6, we’ll be talking about them for a longgggggg time.

As I said previously, I am going to go slow. Just one at a time. Learn it. Digest it. Maybe use it, maybe not.

This handy new feature gives us the opportunity to have unique email signatures for all your email accounts.

This means you can have an automatic signature for the email account you use for business, keeping it formal, respectful and professional,

And, at the same time…

You can have another automatic signature for your personal account where you might use a nickname, a favorite quote, or a sentimental favorite.

Here is how you set your separate signatures on your iPhone and/or iPad:

Go to Mail > Signature

You will now see this screen. Notice I have it checked for ALL ACCOUNTS. That means that ALL accounts will receive the same signature, which you can see is the default “Sent from my iPhone”.

Now, if you want to make DIFFERENT signatures, just tap on “per account”.

By selecting “per account” you will now see all your email accounts listed, and the opportunity to change the signature for whichever account you choose.

That’s all there is to it! So simple but so necessary, so important!.

After all, it would be unwise to end your highly professional business email with “very funny, Scotty, now beam down my clothes.” 🙂

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