Weekend Distraction: Mahjong Towers for iPad

I’ve had this game sitting on my iPad for a long time. It was one of the very first games I ever bought. I played it so much that when I turned away from it, I didn’t go back for a while.

Well, I just went back, and I remember why I liked it so much! It is a great no-thinking, zen-like game for total relaxation. No bells and whistles, no races to run, or clocks to beat. It’s a game I like to turn to when the tv is running, because it is easy to do both. (and playing this game keeps my hands busy instead of eating snacks!)

It’s a simple match-the-tiles game.

One of the nice things about it is the large variety of tile faces to choose from (and music, too). Just enough to keep it fresh and fun. The control, shown here, is easy. Just slide to select your choice of tile.

There is a free version that you can play for a while before being given the opportunity to purchase the game. The whole game is $2.99.

The only thing I don’t care for is something that has appeared since the last time I played this game … and that is: in-app purchases of “shuffles”. I really really really really don’t like in-app purchases. I will actually choose NOT to buy an app if they are pushing in-app purchases. In this case, I bought the app before they added these, so I’ll overlook it. In any case, you can just ignore them. You don’t need them, you probably won’t want them, so just pretend there is a great big ignore button when it comes to the in-app purchases.

Here are some examples of some of alternate tile sets you can select:

Pretty, huh?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: Mahjong Towers for iPad

  1. That is pretty! I’m like you with the ad stuff… if I feel pressured or tricked into buying, I’m liable to turn away from a game I’d have bought otherwise. I definitely like the tile matching games… the one I’ve got is Moonlight Mahjong.

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