The Wait is Over, and the iPad Mini is Reality

photo credit: Apple

Today Apple broke the long-anticipated news: the iPad Mini is no longer just a rumor. It is real, it is ready and I’m guessing it will be a big seller for the Holiday Season. (Apple also dished a surprise: a new regular iPad. More on that, later.)

The iPad Mini looks wonderful.

It is a smaller, lighter and therefore more PORTABLE version of the iPad. The display is set so that all apps will display perfectly, and therefore it is ready to go, no app updates necessary.

Let’s look at a few specifics:

It has all the wonderful-ness of a regular iPad, only it is all wrapped up in a smaller package. You can use Facetime, all your apps, the cameras, read books, surf the web, watch movies and enjoy a battery life of TEN HOURS. (Happily portable enough to be helpfully distracting for a long uncomfortable plane ride.) You can store photos and take movies. You can send and receive email. And as you do all you want to do, Siri will be available to help. (I regularly ask her now to make reminders and notes for me and she is surprisingly accurate with her efforts.)

The iPad Mini uses the new lightning connector. This connector is reversible. You can’t make a mistake and plug it in incorrectly. (This connector is on the iPhone 5 and since I’ve been using it I can say that I like it… a lot. I was always concerned that I would make a mistake with the old connector. I think the new connector is a fine improvement.)

The iPad Mini has a 7.9 inch display. This is a sweet, sweet size. Big enough to be comfortable on the eyes, but small enough to allow the device to fit easily in your hand.

And just the perfect size to throw in a purse.

The Mini is pencil thin, and weighs only a bit over a half pound. .68 lb, to be exact.

The iPad Mini is available in black or white.

The price was the biggest surprise, and not in a good way. The iPad Mini has been priced more expensively than the rumor-makers were suggesting:

For WiFi only, the 16GB is $329, the 32 GB is $429, and the 64GB is $529

For WiFi + Cellular, the 16GB is $459, the 32GB is $559, and the 64GB is $659

Now the comparisons begin. How will this stack up against the Kindle Fire? Most people agree that the iPad is by far a better device, but price matters….. the question is, how much?

Apple doesn’t think they are competition, at all. Apple’s marketing officer said, “We’re so far ahead of the competition I can’t even see them in the rear-view mirror.”

You can pre-order the Mini iPad starting October 26. The Wi-Fi model will be available for purchase on November 2, and the Wi-Fi + cellular models will be available in the middle of November.

To get more specifics about the new iPad mini, visit the Apple website.


23 thoughts on “The Wait is Over, and the iPad Mini is Reality

  1. Yeah, I was a little disappointed the Mini is priced over $300. I might just wait until the hype dies down a bit and get a tablet product next year. I have a newer laptop…was looking at a tablet product mainly to surf the web and check email. Something to reduce wear and tear on my laptop.

    Hey, I’m getting to the home stretch on the Mad Lib post, but still need a few more words. Feel free to drop in an suggest a few more items.

  2. i kept thinking as i was watching it, oh my gosh, look how tall it is, how inconveniant to carry that around, but when he stuck it down his pants, i thought i would roll off of my chair. this was too funny!!!!

  3. Stunning device and I don’t think Apple worry about price (or need to). If people are willing to sleep in the streets to be the first in line for an Apple product they are willing to pay even if they have to sell their car 🙂

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