How to Reply to a Call with a Text Message OR “Remind Me Later” in iOS6

photo credit: Flооd via photopin cc

Your phone rings … but, uh oh. It is not a convenient time for you to talk.

You have several choices. You can tap the on/off button once to silence it, and twice to send it directly to voicemail.


You can reply to the incoming call with a text message.

Here is how to reply with a text message:

When a call is coming in, look for the symbol of the old-fashioned telephone handset, and slide it UP.

Once you do that, you will see the option to “Reply with Message”.

Tap on “Reply with Message”.

Several choices of text message (below) will appear on your screen ….. just touch your choice.


There are several default messages to use. However, you can create your own.

If you would like to create your own message, go to Settings > Phone > “Reply with Message” and simply replace any of the messages that you see.

But, wait! You have another option for that inconvenient incoming call…

Note that when you did the first step, and slid that little phone symbol up, there were TWO choices.

One was to “reply with message” (which we just did)…..

But there is another choice: “Remind Me Later”.

If you select “Remind Me Later”, another screen pops up and you can choose “remind me in 1 hour” or “remind me when I leave” or “remind me when I get home”.

At your requested time, a visual reminder (with the sound of your choice) will pop up on your screen telling you to call back George Clooney (or whoever was calling you).

When you select this reminder option, your caller will go straight to voice mail.

Pretty handy.

8 thoughts on “How to Reply to a Call with a Text Message OR “Remind Me Later” in iOS6

  1. Daniela says:

    How about ‘do not remind me’ … just joking! Your insights into the world of gadgetry are always refreshing and easy to follow!
    Thank you,

    • My apologies! I should be more careful and more specific. When I referred to “iOS6” that means the new operating system for the iPhone. You just taught me that just saying “iOS6” is not enough information. I’ll be more specific from now on! Thank you!

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