Weekend Distraction: FREE (limited time) Spider, The Secret of Bryce Manor

It’s been a long week, and sadly many, many people are still suffering the after effects of the storm.

There is also a huge case of election-fatigue that is hitting everyone.

I think I can hear the collective-consciousness shouting, “enough already!”

Clearly it is time for a little Weekend Distraction.

This week my choice is easy, because an oldie-but-goodie, Spider, The Secret of Bryce Manor , is FREE for a limited time. Grab it quickly, I don’t know how long this will last.

There are two versions (both free), one for the iPad (look for the “HD” in the title), and another for the iPhone.

Spider was a multi-award winning game back in 2009, one of the first games to fully use the “new” (at that time) touch ability.

Here it is, three years later, and the game is still enjoyable. It’s that good.

The game is simple: there is a spider, and there are a lot of flying bugs in the room. You learn how to move your spider and how to make webs. Here is a screen from a recent game of mine. Everyone’s screen would look different, because you are the maker-of-the-webs.

You move the spider and you make webs. Bugs fly into the webs, and your spider eats the bugs for power (more silk). After catching so many bugs, you move on to the next room (level).

It is simple, yet challenging.

You don’t have to think much, but you have to think a little. Just enough to be distracting.

We are all on over-load and our minds need a rest!

Did you see this poor little girl this week in the news?

She is SO sad, and SO upset. I truly empathize with her. Enough already.


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