Laughing at Apple and the New iPad Mini

The last two weeks have been brutal. A superstorm, a presidential election and now a nor’easter.

In the middle of all of the maelstrom, the new iPad Mini was launched.

It’s time to share a laugh.

Will people buy this new Apple product? Don’t people always buy new Apple products?


11 thoughts on “Laughing at Apple and the New iPad Mini

    • I thought it was funny too. Personally I’d be happy with just a few devices on the market. I hate hate hate to make choices! I’m more comfortable with “this is it. Take it or leave it”. πŸ™‚

  1. Oh that Conan! I was definitely intrigued about the iPad Mini when the rumors came out. Now, not so much. I’m still having issues with my iPod Nano freezing, so I think I may just focus on upgrading to an iPod Touch. Looks like Apple will still get my $$$ after all.

    • I had an iPod touch for a while until I got an iPhone (which is really just an iPod touch with a phone. πŸ™‚ ). I’ve never owned a Nano, but the tiny size is intriguing. That would be very handy for exercising, etc. Except that I always bring my phone with me anyway, so I just use that to listen to podcasts or music or books as I walk. I’m sorry about the freezing issue. That has to be horribly frustrating!

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