Weekend Distraction: Blockwick

This Weekend Distraction requires a bit of thinking. Not too much (you won’t strain your brain), but some thought is required.

It is a simple game, yet … not.

Highly reviewed, mostly 5 star ratings.

It looks beautiful on the iPad.

It starts off with several blue blocks. These blocks are moveable, and so are various other blocks on the screen. Your job: move the blocks around so that similar colored blocks can touch each other.

Each screen gets a tad harder. You’ll see more blue blocks, and other color blocks are added to match as well. The screens also get more complicated with obstacles that don’t move at all.

When you have done your job, and the appropriate blocks touch, they light up, they glow, and pleasantly let you know that you succeeded and it’s time to move on to the next screen.

Blockwick is designed for both the iPhone and the iPad and is FREE in the iTunes store (for the first 60 levels).


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