How To Open Your Apps with Siri: iOS6

photo credit: Daniel Y. Go via photopin cc

When Siri first became a part of my life, I thought that she would be little more than a clever distraction to play with every now and then.

To my surprise, I am using her more and more. Siri can really be helpful.

With iOS6, she can now open your apps. Very handy.

I know, you are probably thinking “but all I have to do to open an app is touch it….”. Yes, that’s true, but as time goes on, and your iPhone and/or iPad fills with apps, and then with folders, and then those folders fill with apps, well, soon you will appreciate Siri’s help to quickly get to an app you might not easily be able to find.

You don’t have to know where the app is located on your iPhone/iPad, because Siri knows. And she will open it for you. 🙂

Here is how to have Siri open an app:

Push the home button so that Siri will ask how she can help.

Say “Launch Mail” or “Open Scrabble” (I have found that “launch” and “open” are both commands that are understood by Siri.)

Wait a moment, and the app will open on your screen.

Simple and handy!

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