Street View goes Off-Street: Google Straps on the Cameras for “Canyon View”

photo credit: Associated Press

I love Google’s Street View.

I have used it as a tool to plan vacations, as a way to become familiar with a new neighborhood, to ‘find stuff’ and as a way to “visit” places that I will never have the pleasure of visiting in person.

Last month the Google map-makers strapped on 40 pound odd-looking camera/backpacks and set out to hike the Grand Canyon and photograph it all the way down.

I’m delighted with this project. Chances are I will never have the opportunity to walk down the Bright Angel Trail, a 10 mile hike down to the Colorado River. But with this group of adventurers and their huge collection of images, I’ll be able to “take the walk” and see how the trail changes as it goes down.

And this will be of great use for real life hikers, as well. Being able to view the terrain in advance will help hikers prepare for the adventure.

Go Google!

After writing this post, I spent a bit of time going on a “google street view” tour of the world. If you haven’t tried it, please do. (Just go to Google maps, zoom into a city, and slide the little orange man onto a street.) I picked a random town in Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Russia and Japan, and spent a little time wandering the streets. I never tire of that. It reminds me all the time what a small world we really are, (especially when I see McDonald’s Golden Arches in St Petersburg, Russia and a street advertisement for Clinique. Hmmmm. Not quite sure how I feel about that. :)).

It is still spotty on the small towns, though. The small tiny European towns where my grandparents were born are not yet street-view visible. When that day comes, I’ll be very very happy. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Street View goes Off-Street: Google Straps on the Cameras for “Canyon View”

    • I debated about doing a street view post, but I thought that might be old news…. I am excited to introduce you to Street View!! It is one of my favorite things to do. Armchair traveling at it’s finest! 🙂

  1. There are webcams in public places. You can see people walking across the screen, at the moment it happens. I do tire of such things, but was delighted and fascinated to drop in on it: a street corner in New Orleans which I would never otherwise see, for example.

    Oh, er oops- did I get that one from you?

  2. I spent a half hour trying to find the little man. lol I think I’ll just look around my neighborhood and see what my neighbors are up to.
    How I wish you were my neighbor. 🙂

  3. I’m a fan of the street view too ! So much fun to be had looking around the world – and you have reminded me to ake a look back at a few places I’ve visited to see what has changed!
    The Grand canyon view sounds like a lot of fun and much more interesting than my partners Gym, where they were filming the other week. And yes he tried very hard to get in shot, but they weren’t having any of it 🙂

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