Weekend Distraction: Loving Flow Free? Here’s Another: Flow Free Bridges

How exciting! A new twist for a big favorite.

Flow Free has been extremely popular ever since it hit the iTunes store. I wrote about it here. That particular blog post continues to get hits through searches every single day. People search for “connect the colored dots” or “game with connecting dots”. They may not know the name, but they obviously heard that it is fun (yet challenging) and are searching to find it for themselves.

And now the Flow Free folks have released a new game (really a twist on the original game), and they call it Flow Free: Bridges.

Same pretty colors. Same cool water gurgling sounds. Same goal to fill the screen. The difference, the twist, is that this time you have to use a bridge. One pair of dots will connect only if you go over another line, and use the bridge.

I am using screen shots of the very first level to demonstrate.

Here is your opening puzzle:

Your goal, as in Flow Free, is to fill the screen with your connecting lines. However, this time you have to use a bridge. See the bridge in the puzzle screen above? You’ll need to use it to pass over another line.

Here is the same puzzle screen almost finished. All that is left to do is to connect those blue dots on the left. But I used the bridge! Hurray!

You’ll get 300 levels to play, and the grids gradually increase in size.

Of special note: if you have trouble recognizing colors, labels are available. (Very nice to include this accessibility option. Way to go, Flow Free people!)

Flow Free Bridges is available for the iPhone and the iPad and you can find it in the iTunes store for 99¢.


12 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: Loving Flow Free? Here’s Another: Flow Free Bridges

  1. I am learning, honest… I’m learning that I’m way behind technologically speaking though, if I continue clicking on your posts I should ‘catch up’ in no time… You are a whiz…! 😉

  2. I went to search for this on the play store and ended up dowloading a Game of Thrones trivia app. I know. .. the attention span is. .. This looks like loads of fun

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