Pandora: Personal Radio for your iPhone, iPad and/or Computer

Do you want to play music from the 60’s as theme music for a friend who is turning 50? Or maybe you need a few hours of Big Band music? Or perhaps for the holidays you would like to hear some Christmas Classical or maybe Christmas Pop? Or maybe you are stressed out with all the holiday prep and you just want to zone out with some peaceful zen-music?

You can do any of these things on Pandora, and more.

You can listen by artist, too. I’ll be enjoying a Neil Sedaka concert in a few weeks, so I asked Pandora to get me in the mood by playing some Neil Sedaka songs. After a little “Calendar Girl” and “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”, (aren’t those oldies fun?) it will also play songs by similar artists. It gradually creates a custom “station” just for you.

So how do you get to enjoy Pandora? And, even more to the point (I hear you) …..What is it???

If you are a Pandora user, you can stop reading this post right now. This is totally for Pandora-newbies.

Let’s start with “what is Pandora”?

If you are just learning all the wonders of the new world of technology, and you’ve not experienced Pandora before, prepare to be dazzled. This is a special way to listen to music.

Remember radio? Remember how you might listen to a station because it was a “rock” station or an “oldies” station or “country” or “classical”? And remember how you would listen and be unhappy when songs that you didn’t like, by artists you couldn’t stand played in between the songs you loved?

You can think of Pandora as personalized radio, because Pandora will create a station just for you, playing ONLY music that you enjoy.

After you download the free app from the iTunes store, you will be asked to sign in and create a password.

Then the fun starts!

Just enter a composer’s name, or an artist, and Pandora will play that music for you. When one song is over, another will begin ….. something similar. You can tap on the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon to let Pandora know whether or not you like that selection. This is the way that Pandora develops the station just for you.

You can have many stations. I have classical stations, genre stations, stations of music by decade and by artist. It really is great fun.

Now… a few things you need to know.

First of all, Pandora is FREE. The app is free and you can listen to Pandora and tweak your stations all for free. There is also an option to buy a subscription. The subscription is $3.99 a month. But you do not need a subscription to listen to Pandora. A subscription eliminates the ads you will see on your phone or iPad app, and also eliminates the occasional (brief) voice ads you will hear as you listen to your music. But the ads are not horribly intrusive, and Pandora, FREE Pandora, is delightful just the way it is.

Very important: You need to understand how the music gets to your phone or iPad. Pandora will be playing this music for you through streaming. This means that the music is not physically ON your phone or iPad, but is being pushed to it from “out there”. This is an important thing to remember because of data usage.

IF you are using Pandora when you are connected to the internet through a wireless connection, you are golden. If you have wireless in your own home, you can listen to Pandora at home as much as you would like. No fees, no cost, no data usage. All good!

BUT if you are connected to the internet through your cell service, then you must remember that you will be using data while you are listening to Pandora. I don’t think you will find that it eats data too badly, but you must always be aware of your data usage. Going ‘over’ on your plan can cost you.

Bottom Line:

Pandora is fun.

Pandora is Free.

Pandora can be enjoyed without thought in a WIRELESS environment.

If you do not have a wireless environment for your phone, monitor your data usage when first using Pandora to see how it alters your numbers.

** You can also use Pandora on your computer. Go to and enjoy! You will use the same password as you do on your phone, and you will see that all of the stations you have developed will appear on the website, as well.

Pandora is free in the iTunes store.


7 thoughts on “Pandora: Personal Radio for your iPhone, iPad and/or Computer

    • Free amazes me. I use Pandora all the time. My phone is in my pocket as I work around the house, and the music just comes with me where ever I go … even in the yard to hang clothes on the line. πŸ™‚

    • I connect mine with one of those cords that has two “male” ends. One end into the iPad, and the other end into the “line in” port on the speakers. Then on the speaker system you have to select “line in” or “Aux” or something like that. Works for me. πŸ™‚

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