How to Send a Contact Card through a Text Message on Your iPhone

With only a few taps you can send complete contact info (address, phone number, etc) to someone else in a text message.

No need to type out the phone number and/or address. You can share it all with ease.

Here is how you share a contact:

Open the phone app. (Green square with the old-fashioned phone on it)

Look down at the bottom, and select “contacts”.

Tap on the contact that you would like to send to someone.

Once you see the contact information, look down at the bottom of that contact page. Tap on “Share Contact”

A message will then pop up on the screen asking you if you want to send the information in an email or in a text message. Tap on “message” and fill in the name of your receiver.

That’s all there is! Your Receiver gets it all. **

** Important point: Your Receiver gets it all. Make sure you are not including anything you don’t want to share.


4 thoughts on “How to Send a Contact Card through a Text Message on Your iPhone

  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing. Now if you could only explain how to update my phone and make it go back to Yahoo plus why Contacts insists on downloading my contacts 3, 4, and even 5 times. I’m tired of having to delete these all the junk manually.


    P.S. Sorry to vent. The iPhone is really nice, but Contacts needs a lot of help to be usable.

    • I’ve heard of messy messes like that with contacts. I’ve been fortunate enough to never experience it, and I’m sorry that you have. Stuff is great when it works, but when it doesn’t, it is highly frustrating!!! Feel free to vent anytime! Although I haven’t suffered with this issue, I’ve been slammed with others, so I do understand your angst. 😦

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