New iPad? New iPhone? Make “Apps Gone Free” One of Your Starter Apps

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 5.58.57 PMAre you enjoying a new iPad? a new iPhone? Chances are you have already downloaded a number of apps. Apps make your device your own, ‘personalizing’ it with tools and games and books, etc … all the things that suit you best.

There are thousands of apps. So many, that often developers will put them “on sale” to get our attention.

Enter “Apps Gone Free”.

This is an app that does exactly what it says. Each day, it lists apps that have “gone free”. Apps that usually cost something, but for this day…. they are free.

Photo Skitch Document

Usually there is a mix of games, productivity and utility types.

Just open the app and it will update for the day. You scroll through the list to see if anything suits your fancy.

While I have gotten some real bargains, I do caution you not to go crazy. “Free” is an awesome price, and I suggest that you resist unless it is something that you really think you would like, or else you will clutter up your device quickly. Great things occasionally appear, but so do some very mediocre, so-so apps, so use discretion.

Keep this app handy, and check in each day.

Eventually you will snag a treasure.

Apps Gone Free is Free in the iTunes store.


End of an Era: Sony About to Cease Production of the Walkman

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 6.55.00 PMI imagine even the most reluctant tech-users have moved on from cassette tapes.

That’s a good thing, because soon it will be difficult to find a device to play cassette tapes.

Especially a portable one.

Sony has announced that in early 2013, it will stop production of the famous Sony Walkman.

They are still going to produce those 80’s era boom-boxes, with a cassette port available. So if you have an old box of cassettes, you probably can still find a product to play them. But not a Walkman. Those Walkman’s are soon to be history.

Personally this is a wake-up call for me. I have a box of cassette tapes that I used (decades ago) to record my children when they were small. Priceless recordings of alphabet recitations and silly little songs. Those cassettes are fragile. They unravel, they get stuck, and they disintegrate.

Maybe you have treasures on cassettes in your life, too. Even an old mix-tape can hold awesome memories.

End of an era.

And a timely reminder to start transferring these cassettes into digital recordings.

Sounds like a New Year’s Resolution, doesn’t it?

Weekend Distraction: Cryptogram for iPhone and iPad

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 8.55.55 PMI enjoy word games, and I am finding this one delightfully different. Not too much thinking needed, but just enough to keep me interested for a screen or two.

You are presented with a quote, all blanks, with a jumble of letters beneath the blanks. Each letter stands for another letter, and it is up to you to de-code it.

By starting with a short word, you can begin to puzzle your way through the code. When you get a letter correct, it will appear all throughout the quote. You can see here on this screen shot that I filled in “AND” and as I did, the “a” the “n” and the “d” all appeared properly throughout the quote, giving clues for solutions to other words.

Photo Skitch Document-16

Simply word-fun-goodness!

Cryptogram is $1.99 in the iTunes store

Today’s Technology Thwarts the Term-paper Thief

I have to say I’m beginning to feel that my college experience was in the dark ages.

I remember typing on a machine with great big keys, needing a strong stroke to push down each letter, bringing up the hammer that struck the ribbon that imprinted a letter onto a page.

To make a copy, you turned to carbon paper, and layered a purple piece in between two regular pieces of white paper. You had to be ever so careful, lining up the edges. (And avoiding purple fingers in the process.)

And if you made an error? No “delete” button in those days. You had to pull out a trusty bottle of White Out, carefully paint away your error, blow on it until it was dry, and then type the originally intended letter in the exact spot. This was tricky, because if you did it before the White Out was completely dry, or if you painted the White Out on too thick, your correction would be a pale letter embedded in a gooey mass of white glop.

Students today have all this computer technology, taking term-paper writing in a whole new direction. Word processing, spell-checks, grammar-checks, and an internet full of resources.

However, it is the “internet full of resources” that can cause trouble. It is so easy for students to find material that can easily be ‘added’ to their own. Plagiarism is awfully easy at the end of 2012.

Or is it?

For my older readers, I thought you would find this interesting….

Today, in most colleges and universities, students don’t hand in paper copies of their papers, ever. Instead they submit them electronically. Zap. From their machine directly to the professor.


Actually, these papers take a bit of a detour. They leave the computer of the student, and on their way to the professor, they pass through a filter of some sort that ‘reads’ the paper and matches any content to anything on the internet.

When the professors receive the papers, they learn at once (even before reading it) whether the students have written it themselves or if they ‘borrowed’ much of it off of the internet.

How about that.

Technology, which originally made plagiarism easier, is now thwarting it in it’s tracks.

How to Set Up Multiple Email Accts on Your New Kindle Fire

From Millan.Net Any time you get a new device, it takes a while to feel comfortable and familiar. And before you can play, you have to do some basic setting-up.

So let’s look at how to set up multiple email accounts on a new Kindle Fire.

This is easy to do, but a little hard to find.

Here is how you do it:

As you look at the unlocked screen, run your finger down the screen from top to bottom.

A panel will appear across the top. Look WAY over to the right, where it says ‘more’.

Tap on ‘more’.

Photo Skitch Document-14

This will bring up a screen of settings.

Tap on “My Account”

Photo Skitch Document-15

Select “Manage E-mail, Contacts, Calendars”

The next screen will give you the option to “Add Account”

Tap on “Add Account” and follow the prompts.

Welcome New Users of the iPhone, iPad, Kindle e-readers and Kindle FIRE

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 11.53.50 AMI’ll be heading off shortly to the recycling center with a boatload of paper after the holiday unwrapping-the-packages-frenzy. But what fun! I hope you all had a holiday that was wonderful, too.

I’d like to send out a big welcome to my new followers who were gifted with an iPhone or iPad or Kindle e-reader this Christmas. I hope you’ll be able to find lots of information here to get you started on your way. This is a casual blog … just fun, and I hope that by participating in our community it will make your devices more fun for you, too.

Thanks to my awesome children, this blog will be adding a Kindle FIRE to the mix of gadget-goodness! (I think they really like keeping me busy 🙂 .) How about that? I don’t want to embarrass them, but I will digress just a moment here to shout out to the world that my sons and their wives (daughters to me, really) are just the best. They were all here for Christmas, making the trip from far away, and as usual, they make the time so special. They fill me with love and pride, each and every one.
From Millan.Net

The Kindle Fire will allow me to make some interesting comparisons between it and the iPad. After only 2 days, I already have lots of thoughts, and it will be fun to lay them out on this blog. Of course I’ll be posting plenty of “how to’s” as well.

Note to new followers: Look across the top of the blog for pages with “how to” links for the iPhone, iPad and Kindle.

Back soon!

Weekend Distraction: Trailers

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 8.36.53 AMEvery holiday season you can expect a batch of new movies to be released, and this year is no exception.

If you are planning to see a movie or two over the next few weeks, Trailers (free), might help you decide what to go and see.

Trailers is just what is says.

Movie Trailers. Lots of Trailers. And Clips. And Photos.

The App is free, and looks beautiful on both the iPad and the iPhone.


Best wishes to all my readers and fellow bloggers for a Wonderful Holiday!

From Millan.Net