Silliest iPhone Accessory EVER

photo credit: Japan Trend Shop

photo credit: Japanese Trend Shop

If you have an iPhone, you have probably bought a few accessories for it. I know I have. Over time I accumulated a speaker, some fancy earphones, and a soft sack to protect it. There are lots of other accessories that I know I will never buy, although conventional wisdom always points out: “never say never”.

Well, this time, that conventional wisdom is completely wrong, because I can say definitively and absolutely … NEVER.

This iPhone case is the silliest thing I have ever seen. (Thanks go out to Carmen for bringing it to my attention!)

It is completely edible. Made of brown rice and salt.

Yes, you read that right.

The intention behind the invention is survival. If there is a natural disaster, and your iPhone is encased with this beauty, you can eat it, and therefore.. survive.

How handy crazy.

You’re probably thinking that this is a joke.

It is not. A Japanese businesswoman is making these in the tradition of a brown rice cracker that is popular among older folks in Japan.

And here’s the kicker … it sells for $81 and, according to the site that sells this edible wonder, it is sold out.

You can read more about this here and here and here.


43 thoughts on “Silliest iPhone Accessory EVER

  1. Well, if we’re talking survival here, I figure I’d need at least 75 or 80 of these babies to make it through about 2 days! On second thought…I doh’t think I could live two days on brown rice and salt, no matter how much of it there was on hand. Yep. Pretty silly, all right.

      • Upon giving this whole thing further consideration, I’m thinking, hey…rice expands when you cook it. Maybe you drop this in a cauldron of boiling water, and you get enough brown rice (and salt, let’s not forget) to feed you for a week, presumably sustaining you in a totally taste-free, yet germ-ridden, fashion until help shows up. Unless you are on Staten Island, waiting for FEMA, of course, in which case you will have to eat your own, your neighbor’s, and everyone else’s on the block, while you sit shivering in the cold. I feel so much better knowing these are available for us. I’m thinking I’ll buy two.

    • ooooooo. I never thought of that!! It would be like taking a rice krispies treat and carrying it in your linty pocket and handling it a whole bunch during the day, putting it in and out of that pocket, and laying it down on unwashed surfaces every day for a year or two and then EATING it. Gross!!!

  2. A Dog With Fleas says:

    Love the comments on this post and they are all so right!! How disgusting. And the other disgusting thing is they are sold out! πŸ™‚ To think someone is possibly making millions on this? I need to come up with some weird and useless contracption, patent it and see if it sells! πŸ™‚

  3. I could totally see this as a joke on the Simpsons. It’s something Homer would buy, except he’d get stuck in traffic and panic that he’s late for dinner, and probably eat the casing and the phone. Mmmmm….cell phone caaayyysings.

    Otherwise, I can’t wrap my head around that fact that a) someone invented this and b) people have actually bought it. I agree with other commenters…this thing would have so much dirt/dust/germs/etc… on it by the time one got around to eating it. I’m constantly cleaning makeup off the front of my phone – just think of all the other stuff that one’s phone comes in contact renders it inedible in my eyes. Oh, and if you drop your phone? The casing hits the floor as well.

    You always find such interesting items!

  4. Wait!…Wait!! People laughed at the Pet Rock too…Huh?? Right??? And how about dolls with birth certificates and pet thingies that grow grass or something..Chia..whatevers??
    There truly is a history for this type of thing….Wasn’t it that Barnum guy that said it best…”There’s a sucker born every minute…” …..or something like that. Even the three second rule couldn’t help this one!!!

    • I think I remember that the guy with the pet rock idea borrowed a TON of money to get it off the ground (over $500,000 …adjusted for inflation it’s more like 2 and a half million!). But it worked, didn’t it. I think a pet rock AND a cabbage patch kid AND a chia pet are all MUCH better ideas that this rice thing! πŸ™‚

  5. I can’t believe these things are selling and at that price! My word – best I start my own little rice cover business here, although I just don’t think the South African public will be willing to part with money for it.

  6. Daniela says:

    Oh that is just what I need – it made me laugh! The best part of it is that sells for $81 … wonder how much actual brown rice and salt can one actually buy for that amount? On the other matter I see it is snowing on your blog … nice touch my dear! I am walking around in shorts … just saying -:)!

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