Apple Maps Endanger Lives in Australia

photo credit: CNN

photo credit: CNN

People continue to find many, many flaws with Apple maps. (My personal experience on local roads has resulted in numerous errors.)

But Australian authorities this week issued the strongest statement yet, calling the use of Apple maps “potentially life-threatening”.

Apparently, the Apple mapping service shows a city in Australia as being in the middle of a large, remote, and semi-arrid national park (instead of where it actually is).

The police have reported that several people have had to be rescued from this park, a place with no water and temperatures reaching 114 F. Thinking they were navigating their way to the nearby city of Mildura, these people ended up stranded in the middle of the very remote Murray-Sunset National Park.

The Mildura police say that “Some of the motorists located by police have been stranded for up to 24 hours without food or water and have walked long distances through dangerous terrain to get phone reception.”

I really don’t understand why Apple didn’t put Google maps back when they realized their major map mistake. This isn’t just sloppy design, this is, as the Australian police have stated, “potentially life-threatening.”

Make sure you double check your route with another service (google maps) before you head out on any long journey.

And let’s hope Santa isn’t depending on Apple maps this year. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Apple Maps Endanger Lives in Australia

  1. I saw something about this on the news yesterday. Pretty bad, indeed. I’m glad I use a Garmin, which has seldom led me astray, though it if I choose a different route, it yells at me for at least three miles! “Make a U-turn at your next opportunity. Make a U-turn now!” Can “What part of ‘make a U-turn’ do you not understand, you dimwit?!” be far behind?

    • That GPS lady is really funny. I don’t like to drive on highways, and she is always yelling at me to get on one. You’re right, you can feel her frustration and you expect an expletive to burst from her little robotic mouth!

  2. Wow that is terrible. I haven’t liked the maps for our state either, but nothing life-threatening. Thanks for sharing and keeping me up to date. I hadn’t heard that on the news.

  3. I have an Excel spreadsheet titled “Not in this Century or the Next.” It’s a list of companies that I don’t do business with. Understand that I’m a very laid-back Southern boy. Not too much upsets me. However, if a person or company gets three strikes, they are out! Apple got about 30 strikes in the space of a couple of days back in 1983. They were the first company on my Not-in-this-Century-or-the-Next list, and nothing then have done in the ensuing 29 years has convinced me to take them off and give them another chance.

    • As an Apple fan-boy (Apple fan-oldish-lady) I have to say I disagree. Apple has made technology accessible to the general public in ways that have dramatically changed the way people use all this tech goodness. The educational value of iPads, alone, I view (as a former educator) extraordinary. Yes, I can see the point of big-business nastiness, and I am no fan of that. But I think Apple provides awesome customer services and quality products, and that is all I really expect out of a company. (well, it would be nice to bring some manufacturing back to the US, but I understand they are making that step.) I think people often either love or hate Apple. With the loss of Steve Jobs, I expect Apple to sink back a bit and not be the powerhouse it has been over the last decade. But I do love their products! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I know you are a busy fellow!

      • I understand people love them, and certainly their stock is high-priced. However, when they create a phone whose battery gets so hot that it can burn you; when they create a phone that drops calls if you hold it a certain way and their response is, “Don’t hold it that way.”, that’s definitely not a great product and not great customer service. And dare I even say anything about their new map application, which Australia has said is dangerous and can actually get people killed if they use it in the outback? I’m not a fan.

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