Welcome New Users of the iPhone, iPad, Kindle e-readers and Kindle FIRE

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 11.53.50 AMI’ll be heading off shortly to the recycling center with a boatload of paper after the holiday unwrapping-the-packages-frenzy. But what fun! I hope you all had a holiday that was wonderful, too.

I’d like to send out a big welcome to my new followers who were gifted with an iPhone or iPad or Kindle e-reader this Christmas. I hope you’ll be able to find lots of information here to get you started on your way. This is a casual blog … just fun, and I hope that by participating in our community it will make your devices more fun for you, too.

Thanks to my awesome children, this blog will be adding a Kindle FIRE to the mix of gadget-goodness! (I think they really like keeping me busy 🙂 .) How about that? I don’t want to embarrass them, but I will digress just a moment here to shout out to the world that my sons and their wives (daughters to me, really) are just the best. They were all here for Christmas, making the trip from far away, and as usual, they make the time so special. They fill me with love and pride, each and every one.
From Millan.Net

The Kindle Fire will allow me to make some interesting comparisons between it and the iPad. After only 2 days, I already have lots of thoughts, and it will be fun to lay them out on this blog. Of course I’ll be posting plenty of “how to’s” as well.

Note to new followers: Look across the top of the blog for pages with “how to” links for the iPhone, iPad and Kindle.

Back soon!


6 thoughts on “Welcome New Users of the iPhone, iPad, Kindle e-readers and Kindle FIRE

  1. New Users..!!!! Hooray, that’s me!! Yippee!! Yahoo!!…….Okay that’s enough of that. Sure hope you know what you got me into…..cause I don’t..!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year..!!

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