Weekend Distraction: Cryptogram for iPhone and iPad

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 8.55.55 PMI enjoy word games, and I am finding this one delightfully different. Not too much thinking needed, but just enough to keep me interested for a screen or two.

You are presented with a quote, all blanks, with a jumble of letters beneath the blanks. Each letter stands for another letter, and it is up to you to de-code it.

By starting with a short word, you can begin to puzzle your way through the code. When you get a letter correct, it will appear all throughout the quote. You can see here on this screen shot that I filled in “AND” and as I did, the “a” the “n” and the “d” all appeared properly throughout the quote, giving clues for solutions to other words.

Photo Skitch Document-16

Simply word-fun-goodness!

Cryptogram is $1.99 in the iTunes store

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  1. What fun you smartypants! :) My kindle paperwhite is winging it’s way to me. Happiest of New Years to you and yours!

    • I’m sure you’ll enjoy your Paperwhite! Especially if you are a bed-reader. It was listed as the “best e-reader yet” on CNN’s money blog, here.

      Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. We used to have something similar to this in a crossword format in the newspaper, except then you had to pencil in each letter and if you made a mistake, rub it all out. I like this way of doing it much, much better.

  3. I am sure I would love this as I work the newspaper cryptogram daily. I love quotations.

  4. I’m really enjoying it – what fun! I’ll have to move off the easy level soon though – now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I can do one in a couple of minutes. I’ve really enjoyed the game recommendations you’ve been doing.


    • Oh, I’m so glad. I tend to gravitate toward the calmer, puzzle-ish games rather than things that blow up or shoot or are frenzied in any way. :)

  5. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag)

     /  December 30, 2012

    Stopping by to wish you a Very Happy New Year. Hope 2013 brings you all wonderful things. Hugs

  6. Ooooh, I’m going to love this one! Thanks! :)


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