New iPad? New iPhone? Make “Apps Gone Free” One of Your Starter Apps

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 5.58.57 PMAre you enjoying a new iPad? a new iPhone? Chances are you have already downloaded a number of apps. Apps make your device your own, ‘personalizing’ it with tools and games and books, etc … all the things that suit you best.

There are thousands of apps. So many, that often developers will put them “on sale” to get our attention.

Enter “Apps Gone Free”.

This is an app that does exactly what it says. Each day, it lists apps that have “gone free”. Apps that usually cost something, but for this day…. they are free.

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Usually there is a mix of games, productivity and utility types.

Just open the app and it will update for the day. You scroll through the list to see if anything suits your fancy.

While I have gotten some real bargains, I do caution you not to go crazy. “Free” is an awesome price, and I suggest that you resist unless it is something that you really think you would like, or else you will clutter up your device quickly. Great things occasionally appear, but so do some very mediocre, so-so apps, so use discretion.

Keep this app handy, and check in each day.

Eventually you will snag a treasure.

Apps Gone Free is Free in the iTunes store.


18 thoughts on “New iPad? New iPhone? Make “Apps Gone Free” One of Your Starter Apps

  1. I hear you about cluttering up. It’s amazing how fast you can accumulate them, and then to keep up with updates. Yikes. My phone doesn’t have enough space to update all of mine. Happy New Year! You got busy and posted. I’m lazily watching the parade and responding to emails today. 🙂

    • Keeping up with updates is a bear. I’m very bad at that! And a mess happens very quickly. And “lazy” you are not! Just read your great blog post for today. You’ve been busy!

      • It is a bear, and the more stuff you have, the harder it gets!!!! Thanks for the not lazy comment. I feel very lazy after working for so long. Blogging is now my “work” and it’s fun work!!! Not that my other work wasn’t fun!!!

  2. Hi sharechair ~ I’m visiting from my other blog instead of the ‘rose’ Gravatar for Professions for PEACE. You always share so many amazing tips and ideas that I wanted to welcome you to see my post today about a fellow who is all about reducing food waste and has made an App that’s a meal planning tool for creating zero-waste meals. I think that rocks, and thought you just might too! Hugs from Gina 🙂

  3. I got an iPhone 5 just the other day and installed this app. It is great but it seems to use an awful lot of data. I had it installed for a day and already used 30MB of data. I only downloaded 1 app and I did it through the app store, Do you have any idea why it would use so much data? I’m using Onavo data manager to check. Thanks.

    • I am afraid I can’t help you with your question…. your very important question. Using data is a huge issue, I know. I always download through wifi and so my data usage is never much of an issue. My wildest guess is that the app uses data because it is searching for free apps? So the searching is using data? This is only a wild stab in the dark from me. You’ll have to find a real techy to solve your problem. But if it is causing you issues, I’d delete it.

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