Another Podcast Recommendation (for Readers!): Books on the Nightstand

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I am a big huge fan of podcasts. I am also a huge fan of books. Bring them both together, and, well… I’m happy.

The only thing thing that limits my podcast listening is time. There are so many wonderful choices, that it is tough to narrow them down.

In the past, I have shared some of my favorites, A Way with Words and the Moth for starters. Today I will be suggesting another, a podcast for readers, called Books on the Nightstand.

But before I do, let’s digress a moment to talk about the Podcast App. I had some misgivings when it first appeared, but all is well, now. It is a great app, and I use it every day. Podcast subscriptions update automatically, and I am notified when I have something new to listen to. The timer is absolutely the best thing ever invented. 🙂 All’s good with the Podcast app. No iPhone or iPad is complete without it!

If you are a reader, and you like to read/think about/learn about/chat about books, this podcast is made for you. I have listened to many others, but I keep coming back to Books on the Nightstand.

It is a regular (usually weekly) conversation about books between two folks who are part of the book business (altho they make the point that this podcast is totally separate from their jobs). Ann and Michael chat about their favorites, or about general topics, and every week after a listen I always add more books to my “to read” list.

Their conversation is always interesting and their recommendations are sound. They also maintain a website where you can listen to the podcast, and look over previous episodes.

They have developed a marvelous database on their website of books that they have discussed, with references to the posts and podcasts where they have been mentioned. This is an awesome resource.

And finally, if you get really involved, they organize several gatherings during the year, throughout the country, called “Booktopia”, bringing readers and authors together.

Subscribing to Books on the Nightstand is free in the iTunes store.


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