How to Stop Annoying Game Center Pop-ups on the iPhone and iPad

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***** This post is nearly FOUR years old, and most likely will no longer work with your current iOS *****

Chances are you’ve seen it. You launch a game and before you can start, up jumps a green screen from “game center” asking you to sign in or invite friends or some other game-center-type thing.

Let’s be clear, here. I have NEVER used Game Center. I don’t know exactly what it does. I don’t want to know. I just don’t want to see it pop up all the time. It is annoying.

Over time, I tried several things to make it go away, but nothing worked and I resigned myself to tap-tapping that nasty little screen with ‘no’s’ and ‘disables’ until it vanished ….but only temporarily. It is a determined little fellow and it always popped back.

Now I think I have found something that works. At least it works for me. Perhaps it is dependent on other settings, I just don’t know.

But for me, for now, I am delighted to say that I have NO MORE game center pop ups popping up. 🙂

I hope it works for others, although I certainly can’t guarantee it. I can only hope it works for you as it has completely eliminated the pop ups on my iPhone and iPad.

Here is how I disabled the game center pop-up:

Go to Settings.

Tap on General.

Look down to Restrictions.

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Tap on Restrictions. You will be asked to enter a passcode. REMEMBER IT.

On the next screen, look all the way down at the bottom.

You’ll see a spot that says “game center” with two tabs that are set to “on”. Tap them, and turn them “off”.

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Go back out of the settings.

Re-boot your phone.

Hopefully …… I can’t promise ……. but hopefully, you won’t be bothered by the pop-ups anymore. 🙂

43 thoughts on “How to Stop Annoying Game Center Pop-ups on the iPhone and iPad

  1. Excellent! My husband and I are addicted to Spell Rift (which you recommended) but it always pops up with this stupid screen. Thanks for the work around.

  2. MissVi says:

    That is indeed the way to disable GameCenter on your device.

    However, you might find some GameCenter features can be quite useful for you. If the only issue is the constant popping-up of the GameCenter login screen, you can just do it ONCE AND ONLY ONCE(unless you logout of course!).

    To avoid the constant popping of the GameCenter login screen everytime you open your game, just create and login to your GameCenter account ONCE(you can have one account for your whole family for example so you don’t need to switch users). You can do it within the built-in GameCenter app on your device, or any of the game app that bugs you to sign in. After you successfully logged in to your GameCenter account, the next million times you open up your games, you will only see a welcome banner on top and it won’t ever bother you to login anymore. It will silently work on the BACKGROUND, recording your scores, checking if you’ve unlocked some achievements and other fun stuff the game has implemented for you.

    Here are some of the GameCenter features you might like:
    > Achievements – some games have implemented achievements. It could be fun to know if you’ve managed to unlock them.
    > Leaderboards – some games include scoring mechanism. You can compare how good(or sucky) you are vs. other players.
    > Match with friends – not too common, but there are games that need more than 1 player to start a game
    > find friends playing the games you play
    > get recommendations – GameCenter has a list of new/existing games similar to your current games, or games that your friends are playing. Example, you like spaceship games, the next time there’s a newly released spaceship app, GameCenter will add this new game into your recommended list. This makes it easier for you to look for new exciting games to play!
    > Share scores – you can brag about your high score on facebook, email, sms and other share functions provided. Or not. 😛
    > Easy rate-the-app feature – you can give the games 1* or 5* within the GameCenter App, you don’t need to go to the App Store and search for each game you want to rate.
    > Get the Facebook Like button – there’s a Facebook Like button that you can access within the GameCenter App.

    Now all these don’t need to pop right before your eyes. Just take it as a record of your game progress that is shelved, and is just waiting to be viewed. You can access these within the game app(they usually have links for that), or within the Game Center built-in app on your device.

    Sorry for the wall of text there! 😀

  3. Chica chica says:

    I ended up trying this solution and it didn’t work for me. I simply registered a Gamercenter account and just let it do its thing. Gamecenter had won and I gave up…lol

  4. Destrobo says:

    I love you thank you for finding this out finally the lag that gamecenter makes will stop all i can say is i love you.

  5. You know ive looked for lots of solutions on this and i hope this is it because i have a new app that came out on the 18th and i really want to play it and if it works thank you lots and if it dosent work thanks anyways but by rebooting do you mean to restart it?

    • I’m sorry this didn’t work for you. It seems to be effective for many people, and I wish I knew the magic ingredient to make it right. Yes, the “reboot” would be a restart. Sometimes that helps after adjusting the settings. Good luck!!!

    • Did you try rebooting your device? I agree with you … it is really annoying. I have been successful with this method, but, that said, occasionally on newer apps, I’ll now get a pop up. So I don’t know if the game center is getting smarter… grrrrrrr

  6. Santeria says:

    Omg this helped soooo much! Thank you thank you thank you!!! That Game Center was annoying the heck out of me!

    • I hope it helps. This “fix” seems to be a bit fickle, working for some apps and not for others. I’m wondering if the developers are finding ways to work around it….. Good luck!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I posted earlier that it looked like the suggested change worked but that was short lived….
    After 5 minutes the Game Ad pop ups returned.
    I then tried the following & (after an hour) they have disappeared….yeah….finally….it was really annoying…so if they persist try this.
    LIMIT AD TRACKING …..Change to ON

    • wow… thanks so much for this …. I haven’t had the pop ups pop up for a while, but if I do, I’ll be trying your method. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  8. Alex says:

    Limit Ad Tracking has no relevance to Game Center.

    On ios7, however, if you cancel the Game Center login for any particular app about 3 or 4 times it will remember and will stop asking you to login when you open that particular app. This behavior might make some people think that some other thing they’ve done (such as limiting ad tracking) has stopped the login.

    I must admit that, as someone developing an iphone game, I’m curious why people who get annoyed by the GC login prompt don’t just log in (with their itunes account) and be done with it. Once you log in you stay logged in, with game center just keeping track of your scores/ranking in the background, so you can just play your games without seeing any login screens and without really engaging with any of the game center features at all if you don’t wish to.

    In other words, the surefire way to stop seeing the gc login prompt is to just log in – once – and then keep playing as normal.

    • Hey, Alex, thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us! I had no idea that iOS7 “remembers” and will stop asking you to login. That’s new (great) news to me. Thank you!! As for the “just log in” suggestion, I can only answer for myself. As an older person, I am still often struggling with all the tracking and watching that happens in computer-land. I guess I would just rather not be tracked by the game center. Maybe that’s silly, but for now …. just rather not. Good luck on your game development! 🙂

  9. all the light we cannot see characters says:

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