Reminder: World Book Night Deadline

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Several months ago I shared my excitement with you about World Book Night by writing a bubbly post that you can read, here.

For new readers of this blog: World Book Night is an amazing initiative. Many, many, volunteers, publishers, authors and organizations come together to offer a BOX of FREE BOOKS to “givers” who hit the streets at the end of April and distribute the books. They just give them away. Sharing the love of reading.

It is great fun to be a giver, and pass out these books. I know at first glance it seems suspicious to some. But … it is REAL. It is LEGITIMATE. It is AWESOME.

Last year I was selected as a giver. It was an amazing experience.

Once I was notified that I had been chosen, everything followed easily and smoothly.

I was asked where I would like to pick up my books (I selected my local library).

I was given a window of dates to retrieve them. When I went to the library, there was a nice neat box with my name on it, full of 20 new books to give away.

On the designated date I did as instructed and just gave them away.

That’s all there is. Spreading the joy of reading. What a pleasure!!

You can be a giver.

All you have to do is answer a few questions on the website of World Book Night. It costs you nothing, and the benefits are awesome.

The deadline has been extended to January 25. This deadline is coming soon, so hurry hurry!

Just visit the World Book Night Website to learn more and apply to be a giver.


8 thoughts on “Reminder: World Book Night Deadline

    • Makes me smile just to think about it. All these people coming together for such a great / fun / sharing kind of cause. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to get picked again as a giver. It was a wonderful experience. 🙂

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