How to Permanently Delete a Kindle Book

You probably know by now that you do not have to keep all of your e-books ON your Kindle or on your device (iPhone, iPad) that uses the Kindle app. You can keep some books on your device and the rest in the Cloud as explained here.

The Cloud is great because it is basically a huge bookshelf just for you (but you don’t have to dust it 🙂 ). It grows and grows as you add books.

But at some point, you are going to sort through the Cloud and say “What the heck am I doing with THAT book?” It happens. Especially since Amazon offers so many free books, you might find yourself regretting a grab or two (or in my case, about twenty).

Here is how you permanently delete a Kindle book:

(the important word here is permanently. If you delete books in this manner, you would have to buy them again if you want to read them.)

Access your Amazon account from your computer.

After you sign in, go to “My Account” and slide down to “Manage My Kindle”

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 6.45.25 PM

After you click on “Manage My Kindle”, you will be shown a list of all the Kindle books that you have ever bought. You can do lots of things from this page, but we are going to concentrate on the permanent delete.

Notice off to the right of each book there is a button labeled “Actions”.

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 7.11.05 PM

Touch on “Action” next to the book that you would like to permanently delete.

A drop-down menu appears. Note that one of the choices is to “delete from library”.

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 7.11.22 PM

“Delete from Library” is the magic button that will permanently delete your book.

Select “delete from library”, and you will get this warning message before you actually do the deleting:

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 7.11.43 PM

I’m so glad they put that extra warning message step in the process, because that way you really know for sure exactly what you are doing.

Give the “yes” a tap and the book will disappear from your Cloud bookshelf … forever.


11 thoughts on “How to Permanently Delete a Kindle Book

  1. Perfect explanation, great screen shots, and it’s really so easy. Thanks for sharing that. Believe it or not, even though I’ve done it several times, I often forget where I locate that stupid page. Now I know where to go if my memory needs refreshing. Good job.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I have been deleting a lot, lately. I have SOOOO many books, because when I first got a Kindle I couldn’t resist the free ones, and I’m a bit overwhelmed with too many. I’m doing some ‘spring cleaning’ of my Cloud!

      • *me, singing here*
        “Hey, you! Get offa my Cloud!”
        (Sorry…couldn’t resist.)

        Do you organize your books into Collections? By Authors or Genres or Read & Unread? I find it is very helpful. I have way too many books actually on my device, itself, much less all the ones in the Archives. (Which is now the Cloud, I guess? I’m assuming it’s pretty much the same storage space, no matter what your device calls it?) Anyway, in another life, I was an executive secretary, back when such things still existed, and I haven’t forgotten my filing skills. I do my email that way, too. But I’d definitely be lost when looking for certain books on my Kindle without the Collections option.

  2. Kat Yrizarry says:

    I have two devices listed undergone account. (Mother and young daughter) and I need to physically remove it from her device without deleting it from the account. How do I do it from one without impacting all?

    • If you delete it from the child’s Kindle, the book will remain in the “Cloud”. In other words, you can put it back on either Kindle at any time. Deleting it from the device ONLY deletes it from the DEVICE, not the account. You still own the book, and can put in back on your Kindle whenever you chose. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a 2015 Kindle Fire 7 – I have books on my device that are not in the cloud – how do I remove them off of my device?

  4. Alexis says:

    I know this article is quite old, however still very very useful!!!! Just dropping by to THANK YOU! Your help is very much appreciated 🙂


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