What’s on Your Playlist …. for your Coffin ??!!

Ok. I’m all for the unique, the innovative and the “out of the box” type thinkers.

But this thinker was thinking WITHIN the “box” (and that’s the problem).

For a mere $30,000, a company in Sweden will set you up with a fabulous coffin complete with surround sound and unlimited playlists.

There’s more, but honestly it is so creepy, I’ll just let you read about it yourself here on the company’s website.

Or watch this commercial.
(Warning: Don’t look at this commercial at work, because you’ll probably shriek out loud with all it’s creepiness).


27 thoughts on “What’s on Your Playlist …. for your Coffin ??!!

  1. O. M. Freakin’ G. Hahahahaha. I’m freaked out, but I’m also laughing my head off. (And other bits.)

    “Life after death entertainment?” What the…? Are we supposed to imagine that we pass on and then lie in our caskets for all eternity, wishing we’d brought along an iPod? DANG. I woulda never thought to include that in my eternal arrangements. Who knew? *thinking, here* Why stop at speakers and playlists? Why not order a slightly larger coffin and bring along live entertainment? Dream big, I say.

    I’m going away now to ponder yet another thing I never knew I needed.

  2. Is this for real?! Wow! I think that might be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen… Makes me think of that show, what was it? Where they would say, “what will they think of next?”

    • Hahahahahaha. I hadn’t even thought of that! I could be consigned to an eternity of gag songs like Peanut Butter Jelly Time and The Hamster Song. Or worse…since I live in the Land of Disney…It’s A Small, Small World! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhh.

  3. So a sexy puss sells coffins too.
    I like the idea of being entertained eternally, I think I’ll go for Beethoven’s NInth Symphony, and Handel’s Messiah – and if there’s time for any more, -maybe Les Miserables. I’ll invite my family and friends to bring a foldup chair and an umbrella just in case, a flask of brandy, and come and listen to my concert with me. I’m getting quite excited at this whole new dimension to dying… to think I’d been planning on a cremation!

  4. Creepy but purely moneymaking thoughts really, adn I guess people will buy it, well I shall take my mp3 player with me wherever I go even to my last journey with my epic songs on it, no need for surround sound……..keep it simple…. 🙂

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