Weekend Distraction: The Great Gatsby for iPad

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 6.22.34 PMAs much as I enjoy games on the iPad, I actually spend very little time with them… just scraps of time here and there. I don’t get absorbed. I just drop by and spend a few moments on this or that.

Hidden picture games are perfect for my drop-by style, because they are mindless and easy to go-to for just a few minutes. But most of them are pretty ordinary, nothing to get too excited about.

However … a while back I learned about “The Great Gatsby” for iPad. The full version gets a bit pricey for a game (I think), but after playing the free part, I was hooked and took the plunge.

I just finished the game and I do feel that it was worth the $. In my own way, I played a scene or two a day, and it was (almost) like reading a book.

The scenes are lovely, very visually appealing, and often there is a bit of movement within the picture, bringing it to life.

There is a plot (duh…it’s The Great Gatsby!) and it is presented as a loose storyline throughout the game. Periodically, as you are busy finding items in a scene, the characters will suddenly start having a conversation with each other. Or the scene will change a bit. Delightful. In this scene below, for example, the characters have a conversation while you are finding things, and eventually some of them leave.

Photo Skitch Document-20

There are some moving scenes and a few other challenges that break up the typical “find this” as you go along.

And turn on the volume because the game is accompanied by a very pleasant soundtrack appropriate to the era.

Good fun. Take a look at the Preview, here. You’ll see more examples of scenes and some excellent reviews.

The Great Gatsby for the iPad is Free, but if you like it and want more, the full version is $4.99


10 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: The Great Gatsby for iPad

  1. Of course I won’t be playing this game 😦 but I agree that sometimes we pass up something….could be anything….and then we try a little sample and find it to be very nice.

    Spinach comes to mind. πŸ™‚

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