Lifetime on your iPad and iPhone

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 5.45.21 PMLifetime TV gears it’s content toward women. I can’t critique, because I’ve seldom watched.


For Lifetime fans, their app is a bonanza.

Massive quantities of Lifetime content on your iPad and on your iPhone … for free.

You will see a ‘log in’ section, but this is unnecessary. MUCH of their content is available to everyone, no log in required.

They are known for their movies (usually featuring women), and you will find bunches of Lifetime movies to watch with this app. There is far more content available to watch than most anyone would have the time available to watch it. 🙂

There are also episodes of popular programs such as Project Runway and others.

Photo Skitch Document-8

Photo Skitch Document-9

For a homebound person, a snowbound person or a stuck-on-the-couch-with-a-cold person, this app will give hours and hours (and hours) of entertainment.

Lifetime is free in the iTunes store.
(available only in the US)


7 thoughts on “Lifetime on your iPad and iPhone

    • I think they do. But it isn’t as complete and the reviews of it are poor (lots of crashing). But all these channels are feeling the pressure (I think), so we should see new and improved apps for all of them.

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