How to Make Lists in your Reminder App on your iPhone

Photo Skitch Document-13I use the Reminders app ALL the time. I depend on it. My own memory lets me down, but this app keeps me focused and spares me from making many “oops, I forgot” mistakes.

I often ask Siri to remind me to: write a note, pay a bill, pick something up at the store, etc etc etc …. And before I know it, my list is long. Really long. Silly long.

And it can get really messy if your personal reminders are woven among your work reminders. A quick look for your next crucial appointment time might be hard to find if it is wedged between ‘pick up milk’ and ‘stop at the post office’.

What to do?

Separate your reminders into lists.

Here is how you can make lists in your Reminders app:

Open Reminders and tap on the Menu in the upper left corner.

Photo Skitch Document-11

Tap on “Create New List” and give it a title. Once you have made your title, tap “done”.

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You can make many lists. Perhaps a list specifically for your work, or a reminder list of books you plan to read. Whatever suits your life.

Just tap on the new title you created and begin to make your list.

Go back and forth between your lists by tapping the menu button.

Whew! So much easier than trying to store it all in my head. 🙂

9 thoughts on “How to Make Lists in your Reminder App on your iPhone

  1. i do wish i had a iphone, but we live in a little hollow by the sea with no reception, even if you stand on tables and jump …. one day i will live in town again and get with it!

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