Tiny Bit of Tech at the Philly Flower Show

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 8.43.40 AM The Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest indoor flower show (longest running, too) and a glorious extravaganza that I look forward to every year. Not only does it signal the entrance of Spring, but in its own right, it fills the Convention Center with sights and smells and displays and artistic design beyond the imagination. Each year is built around a theme, and this year the theme is “Brilliant” with exhibits focusing on the landscapes, culture and beauty of Great Britain.

And yes. There was Tech. No escaping that. Tech crops up everywhere, even when it’s time to stop and smell the roses. :) (More on that, later)

But first…. let’s look around.

The entrance gates ….


The grand centerpiece, Big Ben …


Of course there were acres of displays, and fields of flowers …


But with all of that, I find that some of the “other” entries really astound me. For example, the miniatures. The miniatures are presented in a wall with rows of little windows, each with an incredible miniature version of a scene, complete with appropriate plants. I took photos of every miniature, and there were many beauties … cityscapes and countrysides. The details are extraordinary. Choosing one to share here was difficult, so I picked a grand prize winner: The Herbology Greenhouse at Hogwarts. (There are 25 varieties of plants in this one, and I have the list if anyone is particularly interested, just email me through the contact link.) Click on the photo to enlarge it and enjoy the detail.



Another entry which astounds me is the Pressed Plant Art.


Just look at these amazing pictures, all made with flowers and plants.



So where was the tech?

Apps, of course. Always apps. This sign showed up everywhere around the floor:


And then there is the “Tech” of Big Ben.

Every hour, on the hour, the clock face alters and becomes a video screen (on all four sides), with a potpourri of British goodness. I did not film this, but turning to YouTube, I found many people had uploaded their videos. And so I just picked one to share here.

Presenting the Techy Centerpiece of the Philadelphia Flower Show: :)

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  1. Utterly and completely amazing, Sharechair! I love every bit of it, but most especially the Hogwarts miniature. As a fan of Harry Potter and miniature ANYTHING, that is just spectacular. Oh, how lovely it all is, and I’m GREEEEEEN with envy! But I don’t begrudge you one moment of your good time. Thanks for sharing it all with us, and for pointing out that even at Plant Shows, technology is everywhere. I’m so impressed.

    • There were many Harry Potter displays …. there was a marvelous full-size kitchen. Thanks for your kind words and thank YOU for encouraging me to post it….even though the tech is a stretch. :)

      • I just knew your followers would enjoy seeing a bit about what you enjoy when you aren’t learning new tech stuff to share with us. Besides, who wouldn’t be interested in such a beautiful display? It’s just fantastic!

  2. Oh WOW!! I wish I could go!! Looks incredible!

  3. I’ve been thinking about you going to the show! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. Just amazing, Kathy. The entrance gates are incredibly well done; as are the pictures made from flowers and plants…
    What a great time you had…! :)

    • The displays are beautiful, but I admit to spending a long time with those pressed plant pictures. Each one was more amazing than the one before.

  5. How amazing – people’s skills and imagination are so inspiring

  6. What a great show! Those pressed art works are fabulous.

    • I agree … those pictures were a favorite of mine. There were walls of them, and EACH one was amazing. Such talent!

  7. This looks like an awesome show. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    • It is always a special day. A little bit dicey to get there …. Philadelphia’s streets are narrow and parking is scarce …. but worth the struggle. :)

  8. love this

  9. My word, the talent of some people out there. I would have been like you, photographing every miniature. They are simply fantastic.

    • Each miniature was completely “ooooo” and “ahhhhh” worthy. Just awesome. City scenes, park scenes, interiors, and fantasy stuff like Alice in Wonderland and Dr. Who.

  10. Thanks for sharing. What a fun and fascinating visit. Loved your photos.


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