Valerie Harper Turns to YouTube to Console Her Fans

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 9.40.23 AMWe think of YouTube as a place to watch people fall off of treadmills, to enjoy animals doing cute and adorable things, and to laugh at babies sharing a giggle or a gasp. The antics that used to reach only a few now reach thousands millions.

Anyone who was a young woman in the 70’s feels a special connection to Valerie Harper, who, as Rhoda, tackled life as a single working woman living in the city on her own. Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 9.38.55 AMEach week we were inspired to see Mary and Rhoda take on the world on their terms and it was special. So very special. The world was just beginning to open up to women, and these two were experiencing it. And it was entertaining. And funny. And inspiring.

And now Valerie Harper has received the devastating diagnosis of an incurable brain cancer. Her prognosis is grim, only 3 months.

Valerie Harper has chosen to use the tool of YouTube to talk directly to her many fans about her disease. To comfort others. And to point out how health care should be available to all.

I join in the chorus of 70’s women who are saddened by this news and wish her well as she journeys through these next few months.

22 thoughts on “Valerie Harper Turns to YouTube to Console Her Fans

  1. I saw the cover of People yesterday in the supermarket and I was shocked and saddened. I loved Rhoda (and Valerie as Rhoda). This video is a testimony to her bravery and strength and I only hope she is able to hold on to that throughout these months to come. She’s right. We live in a country where no one should be without health care – and by that I mean affordable health care.
    She is very special.
    I can still see her comically trying to toss her hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. Priceless.

    • Our health care is so broken. What good is the ‘best’ health care if most people can’t access (afford) it? Amazing of her to bring up this point in the middle of her personal pain. I remember that scene you describe so well! (Rhoda trying to toss the hat). That was such a special series.

  2. Oh Kathy, what a wonderful share.
    I know her TV show did feature here in Australia, however I haven’t been a great television fan and so haven’t known very much about her.
    What a wonderful woman, and what a remarkable thing she is doing for her husband, family and extended family – her fans. She will be sorely missed.

    • Yes, Carolyn. She has touched many … me included. Although I’m not a great fan of TV things in general, the MTM show was so inspiring back in the 70’s. It was something I never wanted to miss, and if you didn’t see it when it was on, then it was ‘gone’. No VCRs or DVRs or YouTube, etc in those days! Made this lady special to me and clearly to many many others as well.

  3. This is truly sad news. I have been watching some programs where she has spoken so eloquently about her condition. Her courage is amazing….such an inspiration to us all.

  4. I watched Rhoda as a child; my Mum loved it.

    Valerie looks well, amazingly. Such sad news but, as she said, no one is getting out of here alive.

    So brave and kind of her to share such a private thing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Her news is so sad, and your post is a beautiful tribute to her. A friend of mine died of brain cancer about three years ago. He looked great the day he heard the news, and was still active and functioning as well. He was not in any pain, fortunately, and did die fairly quickly, and actually became much more pleasant and loving. I wish her the best for the rest of her life, and for her family as well. Stars are people, too, and sometimes there isn’t anything anyone can do. It would be heartbreaking to think that something could have been done, but wasn’t, but probably in this case, she got good medical help.

    • Medical help is so important. She is fortunate to have the best medical care possible at her disposal. I can’t help but think of those who can’t. They get sick and have no where to turn. All people in this country should have quality health care. It is immoral (I think) for quality car to exist but to be out of reach for many. Sorry to hear about your friend. So sad.

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