Watch CBS Programming on your iPad and iPhone

Photo Skitch DocumentI am so delighted to see that CBS has finally developed this app.

CBS has made this dedicated app so that viewers can watch full-length prime-time programming, including popular favorites such as the Good Wife, Mike and Molly and the Big Bang Theory. (Hurray! Big Bang lovers rejoice! This means Sheldon-on-demand 🙂 )

Late night programs will be watch-able after 24 hours, while popular prime-time programming will not be available until the 8th day after broadcast. That’s ok. Many of these shows are well worth the wait.

CBS is free in the iTunes store.

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10 thoughts on “Watch CBS Programming on your iPad and iPhone

  1. To let you know how ‘non-tech’ I am, Kathy, I’ve just discovered that I no longer have to go to my PC to look at the ‘tele-guide’… I just located it on our new digital tele…. Yes, we’ve had a new digi tele for a couple of months now, and I just started playing with the remote… Now I realise I can even hook it up to our Internet… Wow, I’m getting so high tech….
    Maybe next year I look into an iPad…. I know, I know…. I’m just way too good…. 😉
    Ha ha ha…. If you can’t laugh at yourself, Kathy…. wellllllll….. 🙂

  2. I think i am living in the dark ages LOL…But it seems you are Happy Happy with this app.. Just want to thank you Sharechair for your continued support over at Dreamwalker’s 🙂 Many thanks

  3. Its very nice that all CBS programs possible to watch on iPad and iPhone. Now from anywhere people can watch their favorite CBS program from their iOS device. Thanks for share this news.

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