Look for Amazon’s New “Send to Kindle” Button on a Website Near You!

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 8.47.07 PMAmazon has just announced a new exciting feature for Kindle owners.

This new “send to kindle” button allows you to send the content that you see on the web directly to your Kindle to read later at your own leisure.

(There are many apps that do a similar deed for the iPad (I use Instapaper), but the idea of sending a web page directly to my Kindle is very exciting.)

So far this magic button has only been added to a few websites, but the Washington Post is one of them, and is a great place to try this out. I did, and it worked GREAT.

Here is all I did to send a Washington Post news story directly to my Kindle:

I pulled up a random news story, and there, on the side, were a list of buttons, among them, a new “K“.

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 8.48.17 AM

I tapped the  “K” and another pop up appeared, asking me where I would like it sent.  I chose to send it to my Paperwhite.

Photo Skitch Document-10

That’s it.

The next time I went to my Paperwhite, the article from the Washington Post was waiting there for me to read it.   Wonderful!

I thoroughly expect this “K” to quickly start showing up on websites all over the internet. It is available from Amazon, now, for all websites and also for WordPress blogs.

(Note to WordPress bloggers: Of course I immediately wanted to add this Kindle button to my own blog, however, it is my understanding that at this point it is not possible to add it to the free-version of wordpress blogging, the kind with wordpress.com in your address. I’m hoping WordPress allows us to use it, soon. But in the meantime, if you have upgraded your WordPress blog, know that you can now add a kindle button and allow your readers to read your blog posts on their Kindles.)


15 thoughts on “Look for Amazon’s New “Send to Kindle” Button on a Website Near You!

    • It never did seem to “take off”. I haven’t looked for it, myself, but because of your comment, I just did a little looking, and you are very right. It doesn’t look like it has been very successful.

      • I just ran into it yesterday and thought it was new so yeah, I guess it didn’t 😦 shame because I sub to people who post Short stories and post them myself and that would have been a time saver

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