Hey, Kindle Readers: View All Your Highlights in One Place

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 7.19.26 PMWhen you read, are you a highlighter? This is a new habit for me. In the past … the very-long-ago-past …. I would highlight in textbooks for courses of study (yes, they had big heavy textbooks back in the stone age πŸ™‚ ). That was really all the highlighting I ever did….solely for the purpose of going back to study those important bright yellow parts.

But today, when you read a Kindle book, you often run into passages that have been highlighted by other readers of the book. This made me think about doing some highlighting of my own.

And highlight I did. It’s so easy…. just touch the text on a Kindle Paperwhite and slide your finger. Poof! You have just highlighted a passage!

Now here comes the super cool part: You can now go to the Amazon website and see ALL of your highlights (from any and all of the books you’ve highlighted) all in one place.

(If you haven’t highlighted anything on a kindle book, perhaps you should make a few, and then come back to this post.)

Just go to https://amazon.kindle.com/

Look across the TOP of the screen, and you will see this:

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 6.34.05 PM

Notice the words “My Highlights”? Click on that. (You will probably be asked for your Amazon password at this point).

You will now find yourself on the page of highlights. Your highlights.

I’m really enjoying looking back at all the passages that I particularly felt worthy of remembering, all laid out for me to remember. This is truly a wonderful feature that I am just beginning to use, but one that I know will become a regular go-to for me.

(There are several other really great features on this page, and I’ll be sure to cover these in future posts.)


18 thoughts on “Hey, Kindle Readers: View All Your Highlights in One Place

  1. I had no idea I could do that – I can’t wait to try it out! Any idea how you get your highlights into GoodReads? I enjoy reading what other readers have highlighted but have no idea how to get those in either.


      • Right now, I’m only finding it through the link you gave. It seems to me I should be able to get to it through Amazon, but I haven’t figured that out yet! It’s a great option, but they sure are hiding it.

  2. I know how to highlight in my ancient Kindle, but it’s time consuming and takes me away from the story, since it doesn’t have a touch sensitive screen. Now I want a Paperwhite even MORE!!! One of these days! Thanks for the great info!

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