Google Announces the End of YouTube (not!)

YouTube has been around for a long time now, right? What if the purpose behind it was really just a contest looking for the best video? And the contest is now over?

Contest Over = No more YouTube.

Google has announced with the following video that YouTube is going dark.

Look for guest appearances by famous YouTube celebs, including (an older) Charlie (and brother) of the ever-so-popular “Charlie Bit My Finger”.

p.s. don’t panic. Happy April Fool’s Day!


10 thoughts on “Google Announces the End of YouTube (not!)

  1. My daughter is going to see One Direction on Tuesday, so I tweeted this for her to see.One Direction tour postponed after Harry Styles swings at Niall Horan and breaks hand on wall

    • I can’t believe it is already April! And it has been so cold that it hasn’t even begun to feel like spring. The weather is not matching the calendar! 🙂

  2. hahaha what a great April Fools’ joke! So which is better competition or open entry??? NO contest, right? Daniel Pink talks a lot about motivation, and folks are motivated to spend HOURS on something they love, for no reward at all other than just doing it. I think You Tube has proven that over and over again! 🙂

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